Sikkim Floods Updates: Death Toll Rises To 30 As Rescuers Find 62 Missing People Alive

India’s Sikkim was hit by a flash flood causing many people to lose their loved ones and homes while some have been running missing since then. Shock waves are continuously blowing from the Northeast state where the toll has reached 30. According to the reports, on Saturday, October 7, 2023, the rescue team saved 62 people who were reported missing following the flash flood in Sikkim. The latest update from the state is coming that an inter-ministerial team of the central government will visit the flood-hit areas of Sikkim state to assess the damage. The rescue team recovered 62 missing people were found alive and they are now with their families. However, nearly a hundred people are still missing. You are asked to stick with this page and read it till the end to get all the updates.

Sikkim Floods

Toll Rises To 30 In Sikkim After Flash Flood

So far, a total of 30 people have lost their lives. On Saturday, the Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority (SSDMA) that 30 people had died in this disaster. Despite recovering 62 alive, there are 81 people are still running missing, for whom search operations are under process. The rescue team is relentlessly working to locate the people who missing after the flash flood. What triggered the flash flood in Sikkim? This question has been swirling in many people’s minds. Delve deep into the details to know more.

According to the reports, the flash flood hit the northeastern state of India on Wednesday in the early morning hours after a cloudburst in the Himalayan state affected its four districts. Reportedly, the cloudburst in the Himalayan state triggered the flash flood in Sikkim affecting 41,870 people. The four districts that were affected by Cloudburst are Mangan, Gangtok, Namchi, and Pakyang. The Mangan district has a population of around 30,300. Talking about the casualties, a total of 30 people lost their lives due to this flash flood, including 19 in Pakyong, 4 in Mangan, 6 in Gangtok, and 1 in Namchi. Swipe down the page and read more details.

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As per the reports, among the 19 victims who died in Pakyong, nine were army officials. Following the flash flood in Sikkim and Cloudburst, 23 army officials have gone missing. However, one has been rescued now. The rescue team of the army is working relentlessly to find its remaining missing officers. In a bid to locate the missing persons, the rescue team has deployed drones, army dogs, and special radar. Kindly note that the army has lost 39 of its vehicles as well.

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