Multiple people shot at Morgan State University in Baltimore

A new shocking shooting incident has occurred at Morgan State University in the United States. An active shooter situation was reported near the campus of Moran State University. The news of this shooting case is currently viral online and people are really in a big shock after listening to this news. The community of the entire Morgan State University is worried. They are in a devastating situation. When this incident occurred police officers arrived immediately at the location. Sources revealed a total of four people had been wounded. This accident occurred on the early 3rd of October 2023, Wednesday. Now read this article to know everything.

Morgan State University

According to the source, an active shooter situation was reported near the campus of Morgan State University in the United States on 3rd October 2023, Wednesday. Approximately 9,000 students have been enrolled in the historically black university in fall 2022. As per the statement by Baltimore Police, The BPD is on the scene where an active shooter scene in the 1700 block of Argonne Drive. Currently, the police are asking people to shelter in their homes and avoid going out of their houses. Scroll down to the next paragraph of this article to learn what the university said.

According to Morgan State University, the investigation of this shooting case is underway. This shooting incident occurred near the campus. The university has also said to people that stay clear from the area surrounding the Murphy Fine Arts Center and Thurgood Marshall Hall in the shelter place. As per the BPD, it is confined that there are various victims involved in this shooting incident. BPD has also told people to stay in the shelter-in-place and avoid going out because the place is not safe right now. And they have also said that if people find something wrong in the near place immediately contact the Safeway parking lot at 4401 Harford Road. And on that place, a BPD officer is going to be available.

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A total of 4 people have been injured because of this shooting incident which occurred yesterday. But thankful the life of every single person present at the location is safe. Nobody died in this incident. Till now it is not exactly known who are the victims involved in this case. It is reported that yesterday there was a Mister and Miss Morgan State scheduled in the night at the Muphy Fine Arts Center at the time this incident occurred. Further information will be shared soon.

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