Motocross Accident Whanganui: 1 seriously injured following two-vehicle crash

According to the reports, a serious crash took place in Whanganui on No. 2 Line, on Friday morning, September 22, 2023. As a result of the crash on the No. 2 Line, there was a power outage. Due to the power supply being interrupted, many people suffered inconvenience, including school and Frosty Moons as their ice creams turned into milkshakes. Meanwhile, people were left extremely curious to know what happened at No. 2 Line in Whanganui. However, we have gone through multiple reports and heard from several sources about the motocross accident Whanganui. Everything that you should know about this crash, has been mentioned in the further given sections. Swipe down the page to look below.

Motocross Accident Whanganui
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Multi-Vehicle Accident Happened In Whanganui

As mentioned, it was a multi-vehicle accident, there were reportedly two vehicles involved in it. Furthermore, two vehicles including a motorcycle crashed on No. 2 Line in Whanganui on Friday, September 22, 2023, in the morning hours at around 8:50 am. More about the crash, this serious accident occurred near Okoia Road. As a result of the serious multi-vehicle accident near Okoia Road, a power outage was suffered by the people. How many people were left injured in this road mishap? Continue reading this article to know more details.

Two People Injured In Motocross Accident Whanganui

As far as we know about the repercussions of the motocross accident in Whanganui, two people were left injured in this road mishap. One of the two injured victims is seriously injured while the other is in moderate condition. It is believed that both victims were the drivers of the vehicles involved in the crash. As mentioned, a motorcycle was one of the two vehicles involved in the crash, the person who sustained serious injuries might have been driving the bike while the person who had only minor injuries was driving the other vehicle.

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Road Closed Near Durie Hill School

The other repercussion of the crash was the road closure. Police announced that the diversions were placed and the road was closed near Durie Hill School. Furthermore, the authorities also suggested the commute to take the alternative route to avoid delays. Meanwhile, the Serious Crash Unit was informed about the accident. The wreckage was removed shortly after the accident. The authorities did not provide further updates on this mishap but it is expected that the road was re-opened after some hours and the diversions were also removed. Stay tuned to this website.

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