Maldives president says ‘very successful’ talks underway for removal of Indian troops

Maldives has negotiated with India to remove the military presence. The incoming Maldives president has stated that successful talks are underway for the removal of the Indian troops. Now Madlvies has officially started the discussion with India for the removal of the latter military presence in the region. Now the Maldives has officially started negotiations with India to remove its military presence. President-elect Mohammad Muizzu claimed this in a recent interview. He gave this statement on 27th October 2023, Friday. Now to know everything regarding this case read this article till the end without missing anything if you want to learn everything.

Maldives president

Now Maldives is planning to remove the Indian military, it is a major campaign that is pledged by Muizzu who has ousted President Ibrahim Solih in September 2023. Yesterday he declared that their planning are on the way as Beijing and New Delhi both compete for influence in the region. Almost 70 military Indian troops have maintained New Delhi-sponsored radar stations and aircraft which are under surveillance. The Indian warships are helping patrol the Maldives’ economic zone. Yesterday, Muizzu also claimed that he had started negotiations with the government of India regarding the removal of the Indian military, and on this, he claimed that the talks were successful. Continue reading to know more.

Muizzu further said that they wanted a bilateral relationship which had a great benefit. Indian military officers are not going to be replaced by troops from any other country. He has asked the Indian government to remove the military officers and in no way indicated that he is going to officially allow China or any other country to bring on their military troops in Maldives. The statement given by Muizzu is currently going viral on social media and his statement is in the headlines right now as this is the biggest breaking news of the current time.

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Mohammad Muizzu has won the extended tug-of-war that happened between India and China for its influence over the Indian Ocean. The government has now tilted on India or maybe on China. Both countries are powerhouses in Asia. Both countries have invested heavily in upgrading Maldive’s infrastructure and they have extended loans and they are currently coming to each other. Muizzu has not shared more details but he has said that his plans are soon going to be succeded. More information regarding this case is going to be shared very soon. So till then stay tuned to techballad.

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