Canada allocated $669,650 to KPMG for management advice

Shocking: The KPMG has received approximately $670,000 contract from the government of Canada on cutting consultant costs. It has been reported that KPMG was officially hired by the Canada Department of Natural Resources with the motive of consulting advice at the cost of $669,650. The government of Canada’s outsourcing spending has now grown sharply since 2015. It has happened to cut back on the use of external consultants. Canada has officially hired the global professional services company KPMG at the real cost of hundreds and thousands of dollars so that it can provide managing consulting advice. Now read this article till the end and learn every single thing.


According to the source, Canada is now officially hiring KPMG which is the global professional services company. KPMG has been hired at the cost of hundreds and thousands of dollars as it can provide managing consulting advice. As per the Canadian Parliament, the Department of Natural Resources officially led by Minister Jonathan Wilkinson approved $669,650 for KPMG. There is a contract of a thousand dollars which includes the discussion to learn how the Canadian tax dollars should be used efficiently and also invest in the priorities. Continue reading to know more.

According to the Globe and Mail, the government of Canada is spending on outsourcing which has risen from when the Liberal promised in 2015 that it could cut back on the use of external consultants. Anita Anand, the Treasury Board President is now leading the efforts so that it can save around $15 billion for more than 5 years that can extend the planning of the government of Canada. In Canada, every single government department has given the target of 2nd October so that it can submit its proposed cuts to the Anand department to check the reviews. To learn more, scroll down to the next paragraph.

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The recent documents were officially tabled regarding the response to a question from the NDP MP Gord Johns. who has raised every single department to give the details on any single contract with the third-party management firms so that it can assist the identifying spending cuts. The departments from Canada have given a response, in the response they have clarified that they have not hired any consultants as part of the exercise. And now the consultants of KPMG have given some documents to the Ministry of Natural Resources in Canada. Further details are going to be shared very soon. So stay tuned to techballad.

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