Knock-Knock, According to… It Got Mixed or Average Reviews!

Russia’s Ice-Pick Lodge studio created and released the survival horror video game Knock-Knock in 2013. It takes place in a side-scrolling environment that looks like 3D. The creators said that they got Knock-Knock’s design from someone else and that the production followed his plan. Nikolay Dybowski was the lead designer for it at Ice-Pick.

The team made the game based on the ideas of “obscurity and inevitability,” which the company’s Vasily Kashnikov called “the two greatest fears.” Dybowski said that Ice-Pick had to remake “the game twice from scratch” before it found the right tone. A successful Kickstarter campaign paid for the making of Knock-Knock.

Where do we stand on Knock-actual Knock’s gameplay, though? Helping The Lodger stay alive until dawn is the main goal of the game. The Lodger is very afraid for his life because his house is surrounded by something scary.

The player controls The Lodger and helps him stay alive by turning on all the lights in the house. When the light is on, you can only interact with the things in a room. There might be a clock that can speed up time, a place where The Lodger can hide or just some decorations.

If you play League of Legends, you should know that Milio will be available as a Champion after the release of Patch 13.6. Milio knows how to control fire so well that they can use it to warm and heal their allies or burn and kill their enemies:

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At the same time, The Guests will come faster the more rooms are lit. When a Guest enters a room that is already lit, the lights go out.

The Lodger’s bad health also affects how the game is played. As an example, he has a problem with his eyes that makes him stop moving when he turns on a light bulb so that his eyes can get used to the new light.

Time is different in Knock-Knock, and it can even go backward. Metacritic, a site that collects reviews, says that the game got “mixed or average reviews” on all platforms.

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