Kerala: Seat Belts, Cameras Mandatory In Heavy Vehicles

Now strict rules have been initiated in Kerala. From now seat belts and cameras be mandatory in heavy vehicles in Kerala from 1st November 2023, Wednesday. Thus rule has been set for the safety of people. Seat belts and Cameras have become necessary for all drivers who carry heavy vehicles in Kerala, India. And also the fitness certificates are going to be grand if the mandatory things are installed in the vehicles. This news has been recently announced by the government of Kerala. This is great news. It has also been announced that if these things are not going to be installed in the heavy vehicles there is going to be a very heavy fine on the vehicles. Read the entire article to learn everything.


From 1st November 2023, Wednesday in Kerala, seat belts and cameras are strongly mandatory for all drivers who own heavy vehicles. such as lorries and buses. On this, the Kerala Department has stated that the fitness certificates are only going to be granted to those people who have installed seat belts and cameras in their heavy vehicles. As per the source, the reform has been planning for this rule since September 2023 and they were planning to release this rule in that same month but later it got extended for fixing belts in heavy vehicles. The Kerala government had officially instructed drivers to install seat belts in 5,200 KSRTC buses by 31st October 2023. Tuesday. Scroll down and read more.

According to the insights, it has been said that there was some strong criticism regarding the necessary seat lets and camera reform from the private bus owners in Kerala. There was a strike on 31st October 2023, Tuesday as the government refused to meet the demands of the private bus owners regarding the rising ticket prices for students and also withdrew the order that demanded the necessary installation of surveillance cameras with seat belts. Continue reading till the end.

According to tot the Kerala government, the rule of necessary seat belts and camera installation in heavy vehicles has been taken regarding the safety of drivers and the public of Kerala. These are the biggest safety measure that a lot of drivers do not follow but yes from now they have to follow the rules and coup with the government to save themselves from big challans. More information regarding this rule is to be shared very soon so stay tuned to techballad.

Prakash Israni
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