Joe Biden to meet Xi Jinping on APEC summit sidelines in San Francisco

In this article, we are going to look at the US-China ties. Recently, it has been announced that Joe Biden is going to meet Xi Jinping on the APEC summit sidelines. The President of the US is not going to meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on 15th November 2023, Wednesday in San Francisco on the sidelines of the 30th APEC summit. In this summit, the leaders from the 21-member forum will gather at the global summit. Now to learn everything regarding the APEC Summit and to know about the meeting of Biden and Jinping, read this article till the end without missing anything.

Joe Biden to meet Xi Jinping

According to the source, on 14th November 2023, Wednesday, the President of the United States, Joe Biden is going to meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in San Francisco on the sidelines of the 30th APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit. This has been officially announced, they are going to meet each other tomorrow. In this summit leaders from a total of 21 member forums are going to gather at the global summit.  Sources have revealed that the Biden-Xi bilateral is going to be the marquee moment of the forum. It is going to be dedicated to promoting trade, investment, and economic development from the nations which are around the Pacific Ocean.

Now the biggest question is what can we expect from the Biden-Xi meet. We can expect the trade, Taiwan, and managing fraught US-Chinease relations which are going be featured in the talks between both of them. They both are going to discuss how they are going to continue to the responsibility of managing the completion and work together where their interest is aligning. there is a very particular transitional challenge that is going to affect the international community. One of the Biden administrations has earlier claimed that the United States president is currently looking toward managing the completion which is preventing the downside risk of the conflict and also it is in ensuring the channels of communication are open.

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Joe Biden is going to press Xi Jinping on using China’s influence in North Korea. This came after the heightened anxiety because of the increased pace of the ballistic missile tests by North Korea. Joe Biden is going to let Xi Jinping which he is going to like China so that it can use the burgeoning sway over Iran so that it can make clear that Tehran or its proxies might take action which might lead to the expansion of the Israel-Hamas war.

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