Who was Charlie Munger? Know about his bucket list

It is with profound sadness that we share the news of Charlie Munger’s demise. Yes, you heard it right, billionaire Charlie Munger has passed away. Since the billionaire was pronounced dead, people in large numbers have been taking over the internet to express their sorrow over his passing. Social media has been flooded with tributes and condolences following Charlie Munger’s death. In this article, we are going to take a look at the moments when he shared some of his wisdom in life in an interview with CNBC before his 100th birthday on January 1 next year. While speaking with CNBC, billionaire Charlie Munger also spoke about his bucket list and why he dropped the plan. Let’s explore more details about him. Continue reading this article for more information. Scroll down the page.

Charlie Munger

Who was Charlie Munger?

Charlie Munger was 99 years old when he died. The immediate cause of death of the billionaire was not revealed but it is pertinent that he died naturally. In an interview with CNBC, the late billionaire was questioned about his bucket list. While responding to the question, Charlie Munger said, “That’s an interesting question. I am so old and weak compared to when I was 96, that I no longer want to catch a 200-pound tuna, which is just too much work to get in, takes too much physical strength.” Drag down the page to read more.

Munger who was broadly recognized for his investment strategies, further said, “So I don’t, I would have paid any amount to catch a 200-pound tuna when I was younger. I never caught one. And now given the opportunity I would just decline going. I think you give up with time,” To note, Munger shared an analogy between investing and fishing in 2017. Speaking about fishing, Munger added, “I have a friend who says the first rule of fishing is to fish where the fish are. The second rule of fishing is to never forget the first rule. We’ve gotten good at fishing where the fish are.”

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CNBC asked him if he is still active in society. He replied that’s what he considers old age. He liked to live that way which was his idea of old age which he never planned but just happened. He said that his active lifestyle was due to “unfair advantages” that he recognizes. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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