Joe Biden Administration Warned China To Expect Updated Export Curbs In October

Breaking News: The Biden administration has now warned China to expect updated export curbs in this month. Joe Biden has officially warned Beijing of its plans to update the rules which has chip shipments of AI chips to China. This is really shocking and now after listening to this warning, many people on social media have given their opinions. This has become a big controversy right now. This is a really serious matter that has been recently discussed as China is on its way to updating the rules on the export of chipmaking tools and AI chip tools in October but looking at Biden has warned China. Scroll down and read everything about this case.

Joe Biden

Now US has officially given a warning to China because of their plans to update rules on the export of AI chips and chipmaking tools in early October. The US Commerce Department has overseas the export controls and is working on the update of the export restrictions first in 2022. This time the administration of Biden has aimed to limit access to mare chipmaking tools continuos with the new Dutch and Japanese rules and it has closed the loopholes in the export restriction on AI chips.

Right now, the Biden administration has informed the Chinese counterparts in the last week because of the curb shipments of AI chips and chipmaking tools to China counterparts. And now Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has given an official warning to China in July regarding the restrictions on United States investment in China. Now Joe Biden has decided to give a heads-up about the rules to China. This decision has been made by Biden because of the stable relations with China. This restriction was released in October 2022 which was sought to prevent the United States technology from being used to strengthen the Chinese military as it has cut off its access to the advanced AI chips.

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The administration of Biden is now in a hope to clinch Chinese President Xi Jinping’s attendance at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit which is going to happen in November 2023 in San Francisco. In this, there is going to be a big discussion about the timing of the upcoming export rules release. Sources say that Xi and Biden have not met with each other since the G20 summit which occurred in the Indonesia resort island of Bali which happened in November 2022. Stay tuned to techballad for more.

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