Afghanistan earthquake, aftershocks kills more than 100 people

A shocking event has shaken up many people in Afghanistan right now. recently there has been a very heavy and powerful earthquake occurred in Afghanistan. This earthquake was a big shock to everyone as this earthquake was very dangerous and deadly. Because of the earthquake in Afghanistan more than 100 people died. Yes, this is true more than 100 people were killed because of this earthquake. The UN has updated that almost 320 people have died while on the other hand, local authority has updated that it is estimated that more than 100 people have died and 500 people have gone injured. Read the entire article to know all the details of this shocking earthquake.


A recent earthquake in Afghanistan has shaken up the entire country. It has been claimed that this was totally a horrific event. The powerful magnitude-6.3 earthquake has been followed by the strong aftershocks. Or it was just a single earthquake as per the information it is claimed that a total of two 6.3 magnitude earthquakes occurred in Afghanistan. This horrific earthquake occurred on 7th October 2023, Saturday. This earthquake has destroyed many things and has killed many people. The country’s national disaster authority claimed that this earthquake was too strong and because of that Afghanistan has faced a lot of loss.

Regarding this earthquake, the United States Geological Survey has claimed that the epicenter of the magnitude 6.3 quake was 40 kilometers northwest of the region’s biggest city Herat. And they have claimed that after that there were three powerful aftershocks occurred of 6.3, 5.9, and 5.5 magnitude. And on this, the Geological Survey has claimed that the eight aftershocks with a shocking magnitude of between 6.3 and 4.3. The United Nations (UN) has claimed that approximately 320 died but till now this figure hasn’t been verified. The local authority has claimed that more than 100 people have died because of this earthquake and approximately 500 people were injured.

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As per the disaster authority spokesperson Mohammad Abdullah Jan claimed that a total of four villages in the Zenda Jal district in Herat province the brunt of the earthquake and aftershocks. As per the reports given by the UN it has been seen that more than 456 houses have been destroyed and 135 houses have been damaged because of this earthquake. A total of 12 ambulances were taken to the Zenda Jan. In Afghanistan, more than 600 families have been badly affected because of this earthquake. Last year in Afghanistan there was an earthquake occurred that killed almost 1,000 people and injured around 1,500 people.

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