Israel-Palestine War: ‘Iran, Hezbollah Had No Role In Attack’,

Now there is a new latest news has come out regarding the Israel and Hamas war. As we all know Iran has a big hand with Hamas in planning to attack on Israel. Not there is news that Iran, Hezbollah had no role in this attack. Now the United States military has sent supplies to Israel after the Hamas attack. And because of this attack, the oil prices have been raised. According to the source, on 9th October 2023, Monday, the military from Israel called up an unprecedented 300,000 reservists and imposed to complete blockade on the Gaza Strip after Hamas did a surprise attack on Israel on 7th October 2023, Saturday. Read to know everything.

Israel-Palestine War

Because of the surprise attack by Hamas on Israel more than 1,000 people lost their lives and hundreds of people were injured. A lot of foreigners have been killed and many have been injured because of the attack. Many foreigners were taken hostage at the time of the surprise attack on Israel by Hamas. Hamas is a Palestinian militant group. Many people on social media are currently angry with Hamas. And now people have started calling Hamas a terrorist group. A lot of foreigners who were missing have been found at the electronic music festival in the Southern Israeli desert.

If we look at some guides on the Israel and Palestine war. So the US military is now sending some fresh supplies of self-defense, munitions, and other security assistance to Israel to help them. Now the oil prices have been raised more than 4%. Gold has gained and the U.S. dollar has now been edged up against the euro as the war between Israel and Palestinians. Now the major international air carriers have been suspected or reined in-flight services from Tel Aviv, for safety purposes. Scroll down to know more.

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Currently, the Hamas group is in a discussion for a possible truce with Israel. This was said by the senior official yesterday and he also said that the group has now achieved the targets. He also said that the small number of top commanders inside Gaza knew about the wide-ranging incursion launches to Israel but that allied like Irana and the Lebanese Hezbollah. Sources have said that seven Argentines have died at the time of this attack by Hamas in Israel. And 15 are missing. A lot of pictures of deceased people have come out on the internet which are completely shocking.

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