Israel-Hamas war: Egypt sends aid to Gaza, drone attack on US bases

Now the war between Israel and Hamas has been entered on its 13th day. This was going on another level. The residents of Israel and Gaza are in a devastating situation right now. Because of this ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Egypt has sent aid to Gaza. Also, there has been the biggest news that there has been a drone attack on US bases. This has been done because the US is supporting Israel. And US is just providing aid to the residents of Palestine and the US is totally against Hamas because of this the terrorists have started attacking US bases by drone. Now in the entire article here are 10 things that you should learn regarding this war.

Israel-Palestine conflict

10 recent things have happened in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. According to the source, the Coalition forces have been injured in Iraq because of the drone attacks in the last 24 hours. The drone attack happened at the US bases in Iraq. The regional tension flare is currently following the hilarious deadly explosion at the hospital in Gaza. Till now a total of two drones have been targeted at the Al Asad airbase which is located in western Iraq and is used by United States forces it has also been noted that one drone has targeted the northern Iraq base.

These drone attacks came out after the Iranian bases militias in Iraq started threatening to attack the United States facilities because America is currently helping and supporting Israel in the ongoing war. On Wednesday, the president of the US, Joe Biden visited Israel due to an urgent mission to keel the war between Israel and Hamas into the broader regional conflict. Benjamin Netanyahu, the PM of Israel has declared that they are going to provide aid to the residents of Gaza.

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Joe Biden has declared that the US is going to provide $100 million in way of giving aid to the residents of Palestine but this aid is not going to be provided to Hamas. Now Israel has closed all the supplies to Gaza because of the attack by Hamas which was done on 7th October 2023. Because a lot of residents in Gaza have cut down on their one-time meals and they are drinking dirty water. Many pro-Palestinian groups started a protest in Chicago yesterday regarding this ongoing war. And now Israel is all set to launch a ground invasion into Gaza but till now officials have not given permission.

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