Israel: India Provides ‘Emergency Helpline’ For Nationals In Palestine

As we all know currently there is a big war happening between Israel and Palestine. This is really a big war that has taken a life of more than 250 lives so far. By focusing on this war India has come ahead. And now India has provided an emergency helpline for the nationals in Palestine. Indian Representative Office to Palestine has provided an official emergency helpline number for Indian nationals. This has been recently announced by India. The Indian Representative Office (IRO) has released this official statement on 7th October 2023, Saturday. This statement has been officially made on Twitter (X) yesterday.


The ongoing war between Israel and Palestine is giving shockwaves. Now India Representative Office to Palestine has asked all the Indian nationals in Ramallah so that they can directly contact the office. India has provided the official emergency number if there is a case of emergency. The number given by India is 24 hours available. This statement was given by the Indian Representative Office on Twitter (X). The statement to India Representative Office to Palestine claimed that ” The public notice in the light of the prevailing some security reason, Indian nationals in Palestine can now directly content to the Representative Office of India in the case of emergency or they if they need any assistance. So they can call the 24-hour emergency helpline: WhatsApp: 970-59291641, Jawaal: 0592-916418. Or even they can contact you by messaging

Recently, Hamas started attacking Israel. This is the biggest attack on Israel this year. This attack was made on 7th October 2023, Saturday. They fired many rockets on Israel. This is a surprise and shocking assault which is combined with gunmen crossing the border with the barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. This happened at the time of the sacred Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah. So in reply to the Gaza attack, Israel has not started Operation Iron Swords in which they are going to deploy its fighter jet for the launch of airstrikes on Hamas which targets the Gaza Strip.

Because of this war, India has started an advisory for the nationals in Israel and has asked Israel to remain vigilant and also advised them to observe the safety protocols. The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has given remarks on the Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel and he has now said that we are at war now. This fight is going to be long, as per the officials.

Prakash Israni
Prakash Israni

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