Ford, United Auto Workers (UAW) end strike as agree to 25% wage hike in tentative deal

The strike of United Auto Workers (UAW) has not stopped yet. UAW has now agreed to the 25% wage hike in the tentative deal so that the strike can end. Fort Motors has agreed to a record 25% hourly wage hike over the life of the contract with the exceed for four years. The strike from UAW started on 15th September 2023. This strike has affected one of the vehicle assembly plants at each of the Detroit legacy automakers. This strike by UAW was started against Ford and General Motors (GM). Till now UAW offered many offers to these companies but both of the companies disagreed with the agreement. And now UAW has given one more offer to Ford. Read this article till the end to know about the new offer.


Recently, UAW has reached out to Ford with a new offer. UAW has reached a tentative labor agreement with Ford Motors. The United Auto Workers are pressuring the carmakers two chief rivals at the end of a protracted strike which has cost the industry billions of dollars. Now it has been officially announced that Ford Motors has agreed to the new offer. Ford has offered with the agreement to a record 25% in the hourly wage which is over the life of the contract.

This is a big decision made by Ford Motors. The life of the contract exceeds four years. They have also agreed with the cost of living allowance and they have agreed to increase the top wage rate by 33%. Ford Motors has also revealed that their top pay is going to be over $40 per hour. This information has been officially shared by the union. According to the source, the United Auto Workers leadership is all set to vote on the deal on 29 October 2023. Sources have also said that this process might take some time.

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The President of United Auto Workers (UAW), Shawn Fain has claimed that they won the things that nobody thought that this is going to be possible. He released this statement on 25th October 2023, Wednesday night. They said these words in a video that they posted on their official page on Twitter (X). On this the President of the United States, Joe Biden has said that worker power is brilliant and he also congratulated Ford Motors on a successful deal. And now it has been said that the other car maker companies such as General Motors and Stellantis NV are going to meet with UAW on 26th October 2023, Thursday.

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