Israel-Hamas War: Antony Blinken Says Far Too Many Palestinians Have Died’

In this article, we are going to look at the Israel-Hamas war live updates. As this war has entered its 35th day today. So day by day this war is becoming more serious. In the current developments of the Israel and Hamas war in the Gaza Strip. Now Israel has officially accepted the deal of doing a four-hour pause on the combat operations in the region every day. This news has been officially shared by Joe Biden, the President of the United States. Now to learn everything about some new updates regarding the Israel and Hamas war, check out this entire article without giving any miss.

Antony Blinken

According to the source, approximately 80,000 people fled from northern Gaza on 9th November 2023, Thursday because the forces of Israel intensified their attack against Hamas militants in the state. On this Israeli government has stated that the forces have captured a very strong hold of Hamas in northern Gaza after the intense battle which continued for 10 hours Thursday. recently, the Palestinian Health Ministry has claimed that more than the death count of killed Palestinian people in Gaza has increased to 10,818. The recent update has said that the figure of the recent death rate includes 2,198 women and 4,412 children. To learn more look at the next paragraph of this article.

According to the spokesperson, some gunshots have been heard and tanks have been seen closing in the Gaza Al-Shifa hospital. The doctors of this hospital have informed that the air strikes in front of other Gaza main medical completed occurred on the last night. Doctors have also said that till now you can listen to a lot of gunshots and then you can also see tanks near the Al-Shifa Hospital. Continue reading this article in the next paragraph.

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Blinken has recently said that the United States has appreciated Israel has steps to minimise civilian casualties but this is not enough at all. Blinken has also claimed that the United States has given a proposal of some ideas to the Israelis which include longer humanitarian pauses and it has also expanded the amount of assistance that is getting into Gaza. Almost 50% of properties in Gaza have been damaged till now. Officials have claimed that there are just a few hours left before the closing of hospitals in Gaza and northern Gaza, and then the hospitals are going to stop providing these services.

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