WATCH: Apple Electric Car Project Videos And Launch Date 2026

Can you imagine that Apple can launch an Apple Electric Car of its own brand in the market? Which can be known by the name of iCars. Apple has already been pitching all smartphones in the world of technology regarding its phone. But as far as it comes to Apple Electric Car, do you think it is the right decision for the company? Will Apple Electric Car leave all the cars behind? Even you have thought of some features of your Apple Electric Car. And the crowd is also excited to know about this car’s design and modern features. So let us tell you about the unique features and quality of this Apple Electric Car.


Apple Electric Car Project Videos

Apple has grown a lot in the technology world because this company remains loyal to its users. Since 2014, your company has been working on making “Project Titan” Yankee electric cars, the main motive of this electric car is that this car is self-driving. It is being told that the Apple company has employed more than 1,000 engineers. was hired to work on the Apple Electric Car. This engineer was not a common engineer but an engineer who made Tesla cars. But this project was kept hidden from everyone.

YouTube video

Now let’s talk about Apple Electric Car as “iCar”, according to the information it is known that you will get to see all the automatic systems in this car. You can unlock and start this car from iOS systems only. Modern features like calling, texting, GPS, etc. will now be seen not only in iPhone but also in Apple Electric Car. Apple Electronics has used “mono cell” to remove excess space. Talking about the interior of the iCar, you will find a large iPad-style monitor on the dashboard. To make this car, the company has spent trillion dollars on its hand gestures.

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Now the last and important question which all of you are very eager to know is, how long will the Apple company launch this car in the market? As this car is going to be the most modern car of the future, keeping in mind the same thing, the Apple company has decided to launch the Apple Electric Car Ekni iCar in 2026. This powerful car will blow your senses as soon as it comes on the market. You will have to wait for a few years to see this car. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates.

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