Israel-Gaza war: Israeli military intensifies attacks on Hamas

Israel-Hamas war enters on its 23rd day. Yes, today is the day number 23 of this war. This war was started on 7th October 2023 and there is no stopping this war. This war happened because Hamas the terrorist group of Palestinians did a surprise attack on Israel. So on the next day, Israel officially announced the war and did a return attack on Gaza. Till now Israel has done several attacks and the PM of Israel has said that this war is going to be very critical. Now in this article, we are going to share the top 10 updates regarding this war so read this article carefully.

Israel-Hamas War

Israel-Gaza war

On 29th October 2023, Sunday, the war of Israel vs. Gaza entered its 23rd day. On this, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that the attacks in the Gaza Strip have resulted in the distribution of the internet and communication services. The military officer has opened the second stage in Israel against the Hamas group. And the Israeli military aircraft has done intense airstrikes in North Gaza which targeted almost 150 underground facilities. This news was officially announced on 28th October 2023, Saturday. Scroll down to learn all the new 10 updates regarding the war between Israel and Hamas.

Yesterday, the PM of Israel said that the military officers have opened the second stage in the war against Hamas as the military has sent the ground forces to Gaza and also expanded the attacks from the air, sea, and ground. He has also said that currently there is a moment of do or die. He further added that this was the second stage of war and the objective of this was to destroy Hamas. A lot of family members met with the PM of Israel yesterday and they expressed support for the exchange for the prisoners of Palestine who are held in Israel.

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As per the reports, the death toll in Gaza has now reached more than 7,700 people on Saturday. In which most are minors and women. Yesterday, the Republican president lined up to the unwavering support for Israel in the war on Hamas because they have talked about the gathering of influential Jewish donors. And now UNGA voting has declared for the expanding ground operation in Gaza. And now military officers have ramped up the airstrikes in the Gaza Strip and are all set to expand the activity.

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