Israel-Gaza conflict: First batch of evacuees reach Egypt after Rafah crossing reopens

Breaking News: The first batch of evacuees has now officially reached Egypt after the Rafah crossing reopens. The group that entered Egypt comprised seven injured residents of Gaza along with over 80 foreign nationals and their dependents. Just some hours after the reopening of the Rafah border crossing on Sunday, the official first batch of evacuees from the Gaza Strip entered Egypt. The border crossing was closed for almost two days from 10th November 2023, Friday. Now to learn every single thing read this article till the end and do not miss anything if you want to learn about complete information.

Israel-Hamas War

On 12th November 2023, Sunday, the first batch of the evacuees reached to Egypt. The group is from the besieged Gaza Strip. It has been reported that the border was closed for approximately two days. The borders were closed from 10th November 2023, Friday. The group has entered the neighboring Muslim-majority country. This group is comprised of seven injured natives of Gaza with over 80 foreign nationals and their dependents. It has been reported that the injured residents of Palestine have been admitted to the medical facilities in Egypt for their treatment. Scroll down to learn more.

The border crossing turned operational on 1st November 2023 for the evacuation of foreign passport holders. And transporting the food and medicine to the besieged population in Gaza. The borders were just temporarily closed for two days which means it was closed from 10th November 2023, Friday because of the issues which were related to the transportation of the injured Palestine residents from northern Gaza. The border crossing has been opened now with almost 80 aid trucks that have officially arrived in the Gaza Strip from Egypt. It has been claimed that there is a large number of lives at risk right now. Check out the next paragraph to know clearly.

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According to the source, the intensification of the clash is going on between Israel and Hamas near the AI-Shifa which is the biggest hospital located in Gaza. There is a big risk for many patients and it also includes Infants. Israel has now given an offer. This offer is to evacuate the babies who are admitted to the hospital but till now they haven’t shared their plan. The Chief Military spokesperson of Israel has said that the evacuation is going to be carried out at the special request of the hospital staff.

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