Biden, Sunak condemn attacks by Palestinian militant group Hamas

As of the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. By looking at this war the President of the United States Joe Biden and the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak have condemned the attacks by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. They are assuring to support Israel. Joe Biden has assured rock-solid support for Israel and condemns terrorist attacks by Hamas, which is the Palestinian Militant group. Israel is receiving great support from different places which is great news for them. They started this war after Hamas struck a rocket attack in Israel. Now read this entire article to learn everything.

Joe Biden

Now the United States president, Joe Biden is assuring that rock-solid support for Israel and to decried terrorist attacks by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. This has been recently announced on US military aid anticipated very soon. Recently, Joe Biden has clearly explained the situation. He has said that it is a tragedy on the human level and that the US stands with the people of Israel in the face of the terrorist assaults. Israel has the full right to defend itself and the residents of Israel. And we all know that justification for the terrorist attacks is now allowed.

Joe Biden said that his support for Israeli security is rock solid. He has openly had a conversation with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu to support Israel. The Defence Secretary, Lloyd Austin has pledged to the US commitment, stating that now the United States is going to work so that they can ensure Israel has their defense. There is some tension that Joe Biden has said. He said that this is not a good moment for a party as there is a war between Israel and Palestine. The entire world is watching this war right now. he said that Israel has full rights to defend itself regarding the attacks by Hamas.

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According to the source, it has been shared that more than 250 people have died in Israel because of the rocket attack by Hamas. By looking at this war the Prime Minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak has decried the attack by the Hamas militant group and he has said that there is clear support with Israel. He claimed this in an official post by him on Twitter (X). He has also said that they have expressed solidarity with Israel and they are going to work with international partners in the upcoming 24 hours so that they can coordinate support.

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