iOS 17.1 for iPhones released by Apple: Bugs Detected In Apple’s iOS 17.1 After Release

Finally, the much-awaited software update iOS 17.1 has been released. Apple released its latest software update on Thursday, October 26, 2023, i.e. today. As the users have started going with the latest update in their iOS devices, some have detected some bugs. However, it is not the first time that users are facing some issues while using a new update. As all Apple users were eagerly waiting for the release of the iOS 17.1 software update, its bugs quickly came to light and were underlined by many experts. Since Apple announced iOS 17.1, it has been continuously in the headlines. If you are also scrambling to the web regarding the same, the following sections are waiting for you. Go through it till the end. Scroll down.

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First of all, we make it clear that iOS 17.1 is not for all Apple users, only users who are using iPhone XR and iPhone SE or above model will get this software update. Before talking about the bugs detected in iOS 17.1, we should talk about the major changes in this software update. The first and major change in this update is iPhone 12 radion frequency is resolved as it was emitting harmful radiation.

The second key update is the new StandBy mode settings, which have more features in this update. Apple users can now switch off StandBy mode after 20 seconds, automatically or never. This feature can be used in iPhones with always-on display only. The next key change in this update is Apple Music which has been upgraded. A new button is added to Apple Music that helps users find their favorite music with just a single button. The fourth key update in this software is Airdrop can be used over cellular data. Yes, you read it correctly, if the two iPhone users go out of the Airdrop range after initiating a data transfer, then the iPhones to complete the transfer will use cellular data.

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An Apple user on Reddit, Shaizeik detected a bug that spacing in the Apple Music widget is messed up. He said, “The Apple Music widget does not have enough padding around it and it’s really bothering me!” Another said I’ve noticed when I go back to the previous app from the top left corner after opening an app notification, the animation ends with some flickering effect on my screen’s left edge. I recently took over this phone and was already on iOS 17 so I’m not sure if this issue was there before.”

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