Intel share its expertise to facilitate the production of complete entry-level laptops

Breaking News: Intel, the biggest tech company is now all set to partner with the eight manufacturers of made-in-India laptops. This is going to be the biggest collaboration. In this collaboration, Intel is going to share its expertise so that it can facilitate the production of complete entry-level laptops in India. On this collaboration, Intel has said that this collaboration is going to help in meeting both domestic and global demand. This news was officially announced yesterday. This is great news. Now to know everything about this biggest collaboration, read out the entire article without giving any miss as this article is filled with a lot of important details.


On 3rd November 2023, Friday, Intel officially made the biggest announcement. They announced that Intel is going to collaborate with eight electronics manufacturing services companies and original design manufacturers in the country so that it can accelerate laptop manufacturing in India. Since this announcement was made, this news has been going viral and this news has surprised everyone as this is very great news. Intel has stated that its collaboration with the eight firms is somehow going to help it meet domestic and global demand. To know about these eight firms, look at the next paragraph of this article.

Those eight firms who are going to collaborate with Intel are, Bhagwati Products Limited, Kaynes Technology India Limited, Optiemus Electronics Limited, Dixon Technologies India Limited, VVDN Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Smile Electronics Limited, Panache Digilife Limited, Syrma SGS Technology Limited. In this biggest collaboration, the biggest tech company Intel is going to share its expertise to facilitate the production of the complete entry-level laptops in the country it is going to include utilizing this state of the art which is surroundings to mount the technology lines as it is going to set up the quality control process for the components and it is going to set an benchmark of the finishing products.

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The Intel company is also going to provide full support to ODMs as it has spanned semi-knocked down and completely knocked down processes. It has been officially announced that Intel is going to host the India Tech Ecosystem Summit at the end of this month. It is going to bring together a huge amount of local manufacturers so that they can showcase the devices that are going to be made in India. More details regarding this collaboration are going to be shared very soon.

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