Invasion Season 2 Episode 6 Preview: Release Date, Time, Countdown and Where To Watch

Since the second season of Invasion started it has been the talk of the town. Though the series is still in its nascent stage, it managed to leave the viewers with anticipation and speculation about the forthcoming episodes. Ahead of the release of the second season of Invasion, fans were speculating if the original star cast of the show would come back in the second season as well or not. However, the creators of the show did not let down its fans, they brought the original star cast to reprise their roles including Shioli Kutsuna and Golshifteh Farahani. However, the previous season of Invasion was not up to the mark, thus the old disappointment had to be washed away with Season 2. As of now, a total of five episodes of Invasion Season 2 have been released. It’s time for episode 6 of Invasion Season 2. What is the release date of Invasion Season 2 Episode 6? Let’s find out this in the following sections.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 6
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Invasion Season 2 Episode 6 Countdown

As per the official announcement from the creator and the official streaming platform, episode 6 of Invasion season 2 will be released on Wednesday, September 27. The timing for the release of Invasion Season 2 Episode 6 is 9 pm ET/PT. Sources have suggested that the forthcoming episode of the series will come out with subtitles. Like the previous episodes, Invasion Season 2 Episode 6 will also be nearly 52 minutes long. The show started with the premiere of three episodes of season 2. The title of the forthcoming episodes is also unknown at this point in time.

Where To Watch Invasion Season 2 Episode 9?

If you are regularly following this show, you already know the official streaming platform but people who are willing to start the show for the first time need to know where to watch Invasion season 2 episode 9. It is an Apple original show, therefore, it can be officially watched on Apple TV+ and its digital partners. Reportedly, Invasion provided a global presence to the platform.

How Many Episodes In Invasion Season 2?

Invasion’s Season 2 has been planned for 10 episodes. Like the previous season, the same number of episodes are also in this season. That means, after the release of episode 6, the viewers will have another 4 episodes to go. The remaining four episodes of the show will also follow a weekly release schedule. However, the release date of episodes is subject to changes Apple might make in between. Episode 6 will be released on Wednesday, September 27.

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