Who Is Dr Tony Evans Fiance, Carla Crummie?

Finally, Dr. Tony Evans has prepared himself to get engaged with Dr. Carla Crummie after the death of his wife Lois. Yes, you heard it right, Dr. Tony Evans will be engaged to Dr. Carla Crummie. This news surfaced after four years of Dr. Tony Evans’s wife Lois’s departure. The pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship announced his engagement in Dallas recently. Since Dr. Tony Evans made this big announcement, his admirers and people who keep an eye on his activity, have been thrown into a frenzy to unfold more details of his fiance. Who is Dr. Carla Crummie? This question has been swirling in many people’s minds since Dr. Tony Evans announced his engagement with her.

Dr. Carla Crummie
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Dr. Tony Evans Announces His Engagement With Dr. Carla Crummie

Reportedly, the pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship which is located in Dallas, announced his engagement with Dr. Carla Crummie through a video posted on YouTube. The video is available on OCBF’s official YouTube channel. The pastor posted the video to YouTube on Monday, September 11, 2023. However, he had made his decision public a day before posting the video on YouTube, during the Sunday service on September 10, 2023. He said, “As I come up to the fourth year of the loss of Lois, my wife of 49 1/2 years, it is a tender time. There are reminders everywhere of her life and of her influence on me, my family and this ministry,”

The 74-year-old announced his engagement with Dr. Carla Crummie after four years of his 47-year-old wife’s death. When he was announcing his decision to exchange rings with Dr. Crummie, his kids Jonathan Evans, Priscilla Shirer, Crystal Evans Hurst, and Anthony Evans Jr. came on stage and flanked their father. Evans said that people who lost their loved ones would understand they had to deal with that as others did too. Pastor Evans kept on saying we are a very close family and all that has happened in my life, family, church, urban alternative, books, tapes, everything, has been defined by Lois, so we’ve had over these four years the ups and downs and the roller coaster of emotions, sometimes high, sometimes low, but it comes with it.

Who Is Dr. Carla Crummie?

She is a Christian therapist and author. Carla is widely known for her expertise in Christian counseling. She was previously married to Dr. Robert W. Crummie. Now she is engaged to Dr. Tony Evans who is pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas.

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