Intel Unleashes Xeon Sapphire Rapids: A Game-Changer for Workstation CPU

The Sapphire Rapids, codenamed 4th Generation Xeons from Intel, have been announced, and they are specifically designed for use in servers. There is a lot to look forward to, including devices with up to 60 cores in prime form and HBMe memory.

The chip manufacturer is also bringing its A-game to the workstation market with the impending release of numerous single-processor versions, the most powerful of which is the 56-core Xeon W9-3495X. This is thanks to the appearance of this CPU on the ever-present Geekbench database.

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Supermicro Super Server

Geekbench 5 Score

1284 Single-core Score36990 Multi-core Score
Geekbench 5.5.0 tryout for Windows x86(64-bit)


Result Information

Upload DateJanuary 25th, 2023, 6:50 pm

System Information

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Pro(64-bit)
ModelSupermicro Super Server
Power PlanHigh Performance

CPU Information

NameIntel Xeon W9-3495X
Topology1 Processor,56 Cores
Base Frequency1.90 GHZ
Cluster One56 Cores
Maximum Frequency4600 MHz
PackageSocket 4677 LGA
Code NameSappihere Rapids

According to the submission, the 56-core monster was built atop a Supermicro X13SWA-TF motherboard. If you want to know the finer details, I can tell you that it has 105MB of L3 cache and 128GB of DDR5-4800 memory.

Intel Unleashes Xeon Sapphire Rapids
Intel Unleashes Xeon Sapphire Rapids

To that end, it’s most analogous to the Xeon Platinum 8480+ CPU used in high-end servers and selling for around $10,710. Since this market group cannot command such an outlay, the cost of the workstation product will be much lower.

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When it comes to performance, the results from Geekbench are inconsistent. Our Core i9-13900K has received single-core and multi-core benchmark scores of 2,152 and 25,219, respectively, in our in-house tests. For this reason, the Xeon processors in workstations aren’t being pushed to their limits. Compared to the findings of AMD’s main rival, Ryzen Threadripper, these aren’t particularly spectacular.

Obviously, it’s possible that this is only a trial run with less-than-ideal parameters; only time will tell. We anticipate a multi-core score greater than 40,000 and a maximum frequency scale exceeding the indicated 4,600 MHz. Rumor has it that Xeon W9-3495X won’t be making its public debut for much longer.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Sapphire Rapids a Xeon?

Intel has introduced its new Sapphire Rapids fourth-generation Xeon processors and Ponte Vecchio Max graphics processing unit series. Intel's CPUs can have up to 60 cores. Intel finally released their long-awaited fourth-generation Xeon Scalable Sapphire Rapids CPUs with "Ponte Vecchio" Data Center GPU Max Series today after years of delays.

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What happened to Sapphire Rapids?

After being originally scheduled for the middle of 2022, the release of Sapphire Rapids was delayed to Tuesday.

How many cores does Sapphire Rapids have?

As a result of AMD's recent announcement of its 96-core "Genoa" Epyc 9004 processors, Intel's 60-core Sapphire Rapids CPUs are in a difficult situation. Intel uses a revised version of the 10 nm SuperFIN manufacturing process, which it now calls Intel 7.



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