Chaitra Kundapura Arrested In Fraud Case held in Rs 7 crore MLA ticket cheating case

Suddenly people started taking over the internet to learn about Chaitra Kundapura. People have been showing an extra enthusiasm to unfold the details of Chaitra Kundapura which some people also call ‘Chitra Kundapur’. According to the reports, she is one of the two accused in a  multi-crore cheating case. Therefore, her name has been trending on news channels and social media as well. Her name came to light when Bengaluru police booked Chaitra Kundapura and one other man in the multi-crore cheating case. The reports have suggested that Chaitra Kundapura was arrested from the Sri Krishna Math parking lot after a sort of drama. Unfold further details about Chaitra Kundapura’s arrest in the following sections. Take a peek below.

Chitra Kundapur
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Chaitra Kundapura Arrested In Fraud Case

Bengaluru Police conducted a swift operation in cinematic style to capture Chaitra Kundapura who is one of the main accused in a multi-crore fraud case. Reportedly, Chaitra Kundapura allegedly scammed an industrialist by promising him a BJP ticket in the state assembly elections. The victim of Chaitra Kundapura’s trap is an industrialist known as Govinda Babu. He was a BJP ticket aspirant for the Byndoor seat in the district. But Chaitra Kundapura and her companions cheated him of about Rs 7 crores. Continue reading this article and learn more about Chaitra Kundapura.

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Who is Chaitra Kundapura?

Chaitra Kundapura, accused in INR 7-crore cheating case, is identified as a social worker. She hails from the Billawa community. She is a resident of Kundapura, North Karnataka region. Reportedly, Chaitra Kundapura took advantage of BJP ticket aspirant Govinda Babu’s innocent nature and staged a trap to fraud Govinda Babu. Reports have suggested that Chaitra and four or five others allegedly hatched a conspiracy to cheat the industrialist by promising him a BJP ticket for Rs 7 Crores.

Upon investigating police learned that Chaitra Kundapura allegedly cheated him in the name of central BJP leadership and RSS. They foisted a fake identity in the name of central BJP leadership. As mentioned, police arrested two accused in this fraud case, one accused at large in this case is identified as Chaitra Kundapura and the other is Srikanth Nayak. Both are currently in custody and being interrogated. Both were taken from different unknown locations. Prior to arresting Chaitra Kundapura and Srikanth Nayak, the Bengaluru police had nabbed other accused in the case, identified as Prasad and Gagan Kaduru. It is said the main accused is quite popular among the right-wing activists.