Huawei Watch GT 4 review

2023, is the generation of smart people. So for smart people, there are smartwatches that give them a definition of a perfect person. But people want many features in a single watch so as of looking at that Huawei has launched Huawei Watch GT4. This is completely new in the market and it has completely outshined. This smartwatch was officially launched last week at an event in Barcelona. This is a perfect-looking watch that includes amazing and outstanding features. This is the watch which is specially made for the people who want to be perfect with new technologies. Read this entire article and learn about the Huawei Watch GT4 review.

huawei watch gt 4 review

Huawei Watch GT4 Launch

Huawei Watch GT4 has been launched recently. Huawei launched the GT4 last week in an event that was held in the three-century-gold gothic building which is located in Barcelona. This watch was officially introduced by Sir Mo Farah, who is the most decorated long-distance track athlete in the world. The event was also joined by Pamela Reif who is an influencer who mostly posts his workout video. Huawei Watch GT4 is introduced in seven different variations. The best version in all the watches is 46 mm Rainforest Green with a braided composite strap that has Stainless Steel Glass. But it doesn’t mean that other versions are not good, other versions are also on the top. Scroll down to the next paragraph.

Review: Huawei Watch GT4

Huawei Watch GT4 has been launched recently and it has won our hearts. Huawei Watch GT4 generally looks in the Goldilocks Zone which has an ultimate design to match the Watch number series. And not just that the lower price tag and good battery life also matter. Huawei Watch GT4 is new in the market and has the same 1.43 circular screen as the Watch GT 3 and Watch 3 series. But this time it had a unique AOD with some brilliant design that has been adopted by the watch face which is preserved by the battery life. It is more accurate in measuring heart rate, sleep, and menstrual cycle. There is a new TruSeen 5.5+ and TruSleep 3.0 features.

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Huawei Watch GT4 also features some new concepts as it can also measure lung functions and there is a new feature named Glucose Awareness, this is a smart algorithm that can show you the results which are based on the health data collected. And the battery life of this watch is also amazing because it can last long for 14 days. The pricing of this watch is approx €250 to €350.

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