MTN launches 3rd Open API Hackathon to increase financial inclusion

MTN Group, the African tech giant, has recently launched its 3rd Open API Hackathon to promote financial inclusion and innovation. This hackathon invites developers from 14 different countries to participate and create innovative mobile applications using the MTN Mobile Money APIs for their respective markets. The countries included in this hackathon are Uganda, Ghana, Benin, Zambia, South Africa, eSwatini, Rwanda, Cameroon, Liberia, Guinea Conakry, Nigeria, South Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire, and Congo B.


MTN launches 3rd Open API Hackathon

The hackathon, organized by MTN Group Fintech, challenges developers to go beyond just processing payments and instead develop solutions that incorporate additional features and functionalities to promote financial inclusion and literacy in their markets. MTN Group is dedicated to advancing financial and digital inclusion across the continent as part of its strategy to build a pan-African Fintech platform. The Chief Fintech Officer of MTN Group, Serigne Dioum, states that this hackathon is a step towards driving the digital economy and fostering social and economic growth in Africa.

Developers participating in the hackathon will have five weeks to submit their innovative ideas for financial and transactional applications that utilize the MTN Mobile Money APIs. These applications should target consumers, merchants, or businesses and provide practical solutions that can be deployed in their registered markets. These applications need to cover use cases beyond payment and leverage the MTN MoMo APIs.

After the submission phase, MTN in each participating country will select the top 12 applicants who will then advance to the prototyping phase. These preselected applicants will be required to develop a working prototype of their solution and provide a live demo of their application to the adjudicators. Finalists will have the opportunity to win their share of USD 10,000 in prize money in their respective countries.

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MTN Group is excited to witness the innovative solutions that developers will create through this hackathon. By collaborating with talented individuals across Africa, MTN aims to expand the service offerings available on the MTN MoMo Platform. Through the Open API Platform, MTN intends to harness the talent and creativity of Africa’s developers to drive financial inclusion, empower individuals and businesses, and contribute to the overall growth of the continent.

the MTN Group’s 3rd Open API Hackathon presents a unique opportunity for developers to create innovative mobile applications that promote financial inclusion and innovation in Africa. By leveraging the MTN Mobile Money APIs, these developers will be able to provide practical and valuable solutions for consumers, merchants, and businesses. Keep in touch for more interesting updates.

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