Game Pass Announces April 2023’s Upcoming Day One Matchup

As part of the most recent IGN Fan Fest 2023 event, a previously announced Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass release confirmed its launch specifics. Accordingly, PC Game Pass subscribers will get one more game in April, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get their other match later.

This April release will be something to keep an eye out for if you’re a PC Game Pass subscriber looking for a new game to get you through the spring. At the moment, April is a very sparse month for Xbox and PC Game Pass.

Although unusual, Xbox typically announces the majority of the games coming to its subscription service weeks, if not days, before they launch on the platform.

Game Pass Announces April 2023's Upcoming Day One Matchup
                      Game Pass Announces April 2023’s Upcoming Day One Matchup

It gives the service some leeway to close deals quickly or respond to changes in the schedule. The newest addition to April should be able to garner some extra attention as a result of the fact that Minecraft Legends is currently the only other Game Pass release that has been officially confirmed.

Homestead Arcana, a fantasy farming game from Serenity Forge, the company behind Half Past Fate, The King’s Bird, and Date Night Bowling, has recently been confirmed for April’s PC Game Pass. Serenity Forge is partnering with publisher Skybound Entertainment for Homestead Arcana, allowing the developer to create one of its most ambitious projects yet.

YouTube video

The most recent trailer for Homestead Arcana was unveiled on Friday at IGN Fan Fest 2023. A message “Coming April 2023” flashed on-screen after the trailer, along with the Steam and Game Pass logos.

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Serenity Forge will prioritize the Steam and PC Game Pass releases first, even though Homestead Arcana was previously stated as planned for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox Game Pass. Though plans may have changed, the Xbox Game Pass release is expected to come next.

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Homestead Arcana is attempting to break into the burgeoning subgenre of farming games. With the player casting spells and flying broomsticks, Homestead Arcana also incorporates magical themes.

There is even a black cat familiar named Huckleberry. It might not be the next big thing for PC Game Pass, but fans of farming games or those looking for something entertaining to try out should consider it.

Xbox Game Pass has a lot of exciting releases scheduled for the end of February and the beginning of March before April arrives. On Xbox Game Pass, Atomic Heart will debut on February 21.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Road to the Woods, and Valheim will follow in March. Expect more Xbox Game Pass announcements for March, April, and beyond in the upcoming weeks and months.

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