Hong Kong court verdict says same-sex couples hold equal inheritance rights

Breaking News: The Hong Kong court has now officially rejected the government motion. The court has said that same-$ex couples hold equal inheritance rights. The court has rejected the govt. motion on the differential treatment of same-$ex couples. This decision by the court has been recently taken. This news is currently viral and many online users are reacting to this news. People are giving mixed reactions to this news. This news is currently in the top headlines of many news channels. Now to know everything regarding the decision made by the Hong Kong court and the government motion read this article till the end without missing anything.

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The court of Hong Kong has now rejected the motion of the government that has seen some $ex-couples face differential under the two inheritance laws. The court has said that this movie has constituted unlawful discrimination the verdict is likely going to impact the many couples from Hong Kong who have been married for a very long time. And then the development came some days after the court upheld two earlier rulings that officially supported the granting of subsidized housing benefits to same-sex married partners. Continue reading to know more about this.

The Justice of Appeal Peter Cheung has stated in his judgment that the difference in the treatment based on sexual orientation is evident. The Justice of Appeal Thomas Au has also claimed that the unacceptably stressful burden on the couples. Recently, Hong Kong has recognized same-$ex marriage for some particular reasons which include civil service benefits, dependent visas, and taxation. There have been some legal challenges in some past years which helped the LGBTQ community in Hong Kong. Various governments have grown up in social acceptance of same-$ex marriage. In September 2023, Hong Kong’s top court ruled that the government can provide the framework so that it can recognize the same-$ex partnerships. Keep reading.

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The ruling on 24 October 2023, Tuesday involved the long battle that was bought by Henry Li and his late partner, Edgar Ng. He bought a subsidized flat at his matrimonial home after their wedding which was held in 2017. But unfortunately, he died in 2020 after he suffered from depression. Once in an open court, Li said that he was not Edgar’s husband and he should be treated as a stranger to him and he is still mourning. More information will be shared very soon till then keep following techballad.

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