Xbox Gamers Can Now Purchase a Halo 3-Themed Console for an Unbelievable Price

A lucky player was able to score a Halo 3-themed Xbox 360 from a local thrift store at a steal of a price. Due to the series and its protagonist’s widespread acclaim, several limited-edition Xbox consoles have been released with Halo-inspired designs over the years, including this Halo 3-themed Xbox 360.

When the Xbox 360 was released in 2007, Halo 3 was the first game in the series to debut on the console, and it did not let fans down. With over 14 million copies sold, the game quickly rose to the ranks of the system’s best-sellers.

Xbox issued a limited edition Xbox 360 alongside the release of Halo 3 to celebrate the game and the new system generation. Many fans bought this special edition Xbox 360 for Halo 3 back in the day, but one gamer recently stumbled onto another.

Xbox Gamers Can Now Purchase a Halo 3-Themed Console
Xbox Gamers Can Now Purchase a Halo 3-Themed Console

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A Reddit member with the handle “Wild-Addition-9386” recently shared their amazing purchase from their neighborhood Value Village. The Redditor claims to have found the Halo 3 limited edition Xbox 360 at a secondhand shop and snagged it for cheap. An online search revealed that the Halo 3 Xbox 360 special edition may fetch hundreds of dollars, but this gamer claims to have gotten theirs for ten bucks.

As you can see in a post below he claimed in a Reddit post that he obtained his halo 3 360 only for 10$-

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For a closer look at the Xbox 360’s motif, Wild-Addition-9386 provided numerous photographs. The limited edition console was a great bargain, even though it didn’t appear to have the Halo 3-themed controller or headset. It was mostly dark green with orange and gold accents, like the MJOLNIR armor worn by the Master Chief in the Halo series.

The Xbox 360 was also branded with the UNSC emblem. The fact that the console was connected to a television in the photos suggested that it was still operational. Over 900 people have upvoted the article where Wild-Addition-9386 showed off their thrift shop finds. Other Halo 3 enthusiasts shared deals they got on Halo 3 limited edition Xbox 360s in the comments area.

One user stated they discovered one on the side of the road, while another claimed to have purchased theirs at a significant discount during a Black Friday deal at their local GameStop many years ago. Furthermore, other enthusiasts mentioned that they were still on the lookout for one of these limited-edition game systems.

It will be fascinating to watch if Wild-Addition-9386, in possession of this limited edition Halo 3 Xbox 360, goes on to acquire further Halo Xbox systems. This steal of a deal also demonstrates how retro game consoles can turn up in unexpected locations. In light of this information, gamers may want to pay more attention the next time they visit their neighborhood thrift store, because you never know what you might find there.