Who is Dominic De La O? Alamogordo suspect arrested after deadly shooting

Dominic De La O, a 26-year-old individual, has been thrust into the spotlight recently due to his alleged involvement in the shooting and killing of Alamogordo Police Officer Anthony Ferguson. The shocking incident occurred on Saturday following a traffic stop collision, during which De La O allegedly used a shotgun to fatally shoot Officer Ferguson in the face. Although he was apprehended shortly after the incident, questions surrounding his past and potential involvement in other violent offenses have surfaced.

Dominic De La O

Who is Dominic De La O?

Mayor Susan Payne of Alamogordo expressed her belief that De La O should have been detained for prior alleged violent offenses, suggesting that this unfortunate incident might have been prevented. Two local residents, Jessica Smith, and Rudy Contreras, charged De La O with the 2019 death of Donovan Contreras during a press conference. While De La O was never formally charged in connection with this crime, the Contreras family shared the sentiment that he should have faced consequences for his alleged actions. The details surrounding Donovan Contreras’ death remain unclear.

Interestingly, De La O had been involved in a prior encounter with law enforcement in January 2023, where he was shot by Alamogordo police officers after they received reports of a man carrying a gun. Surprisingly, a search of the New Mexico case database revealed that De La O had never been accused of any previous violent crimes. However, during the foot pursuit in Alamogordo on Saturday, Officer Ferguson reportedly sustained a gunshot wound to the leg from a sawed-off shotgun in De La O’s possession.

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Following the incident, Officer Ferguson was initially treated at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Centre in El Paso, Texas, before being transferred to UMC-El Paso, where he tragically passed away on Sunday. Meanwhile, De La O was promptly arrested and taken into custody at the Otero County Detention Centre. He currently faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated violence with a dangerous weapon on a police officer.

Dominic De La O’s alleged involvement in the shooting and killing of Officer Anthony Ferguson has shocked the community of Alamogordo. While the circumstances surrounding this case are still unfolding, the actions and potential criminal history of De La O have raised questions about law enforcement’s ability to identify and address potential threats to public safety. As this case progresses, it is imperative that justice is served for Officer Ferguson and that measures are taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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