Over 1000 Israelis Have Died in War, Analysis Of Israel-Palestine Conflict And Hamas’

On October 7, 2023, Saturday, in the early hour the war started with the first attack of Hamas militants on Israel. Now it has been three days since the Israel-Palestine conflict began. Reportedly, there is a city named Ashkelon in Israel, which is on the radar of Hamas and has been continuously attacked by the Hamas militants for the past three days. Innumerable rockets have been launched on Ashkelon following Saturday. In fact, this city has become the stronghold of this fight between the Israeli army and the Hamas fighters. Reporters have reached Ashkelon for ground reporting of this ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Kindly stick with this page and go through it till the end. Drag down the page.


However, it is not possible to accurately say how many people have died in this war but data shows more than 1000 people of Israel have died in this war, including army soldiers. While the toll has crossed the mark of 1300 in this war. Reportedly over 400 Israelis were killed within about four hours of the attack on Saturday itself when the war began. In addition, many foreigners also have lost their lives during this war. While many have been taken hostage by Hamas militants.

Recently a report claimed that¬†4 citizens of America, 12 citizens of Thailand, and one citizen each of Mexico and France each have been killed in these attacks. The Palestinian organization claimed that it had taken over a hundred people hostage, including Israeli citizens and Israeli soldiers. In response to Hamas’s heinous attack on Israelis, Israel’s army has destroyed over a hundred Hamas positions located in the Gaza Strip. According to the reports, the Defense Force of Israel is also targeting militants who infiltrate into Israel through the border boundaries. Keep reading this article to unravel more details of this war.

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Israel Defense Force also stated that it is carrying out a fresh wave of airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. It is attacking targets that belong to the Hamas terror group. Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs called Hamas a terror organization. Lior Haiat who is the spokesperson for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the only way to combat the terror group is to involve everyone in the attack to “pay the price”. Israel also has sought help from other countries including the US which is moving its warships and aircraft to the Middle East.

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