Google Doodle Celebrates Turkey’s Republic Day, Marking 100th Anniversary

In this article, we are going to talk about Turkey National Day 2023. Today, Google is officially celebrating Turkey National Day. Today is the 100th anniversary of Turkey National Day 2023. Doodle has shown the Secodn Gand National Assembly of Turkey on the occasion of Republic Day. The residents in Turkey honored the Ataturk on Republic Day as they visited Anitkabir. On 29th October 2023, Sunday the entire Turkey is celebrating the 100th Republic Day. This is a great occasion and a great moment for the entire Turkey they have completed a century. Now to know about this day read this article till the end.

Google Doodle

On 29th October 2023, Google Doodle has officially celebrated the 100th Turkey Republic Day. Doodle has written a history of Turkey National Day. Doodle wrote that Turkey National Day is a historic occasion that marks the 100th anniversary of Republic Day today. Doodle has also posted an artwork that represented the Second Grand National Assembly of Turkiye which became the home to the parliament in 1924. Turkiye is a building where Ataturk has overseen the new reforms and laws. As per the information shared by Doodle, Ataturk delivered the seminal six-day speech, because of speech that clarified the the beliefs on democracy, national unity, and secularism in the Great Hall, The museum, is filled with personal objects that officially offered an intimate glimpse into the life of Ataturk which includes the glasses, pens, morning coffee, and outfits. Continue reading to learn about today’s celebration.

On the occasion of Turkey National Day 2023, the state officials and citizens are going to visit the Anitkabar which is located in Ankara so that they can pay the tributes to the person who founded Ataturk.  The residents of Turkey are going to gather on the grounds and roads to celebrate this day, the residents of Turkey are going to join the celebratory walks which are going to be held on the evening of Sunday. Scroll down.

This celebration will also be joined by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He is the founder of the secular republic and highlights the accomplishments of the roots of the Islam party which has been ruling Turkey since last year. Currently, Turkey has marked the century of the post-Ottoman republic in which there is silent celebrations have been held under the shadow of Israel’s war with Hamas terrorists. Many many congratulations to every single person in Turkey for the 100th Turkey National Day.

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