Israel-Hamas War: Israelis staged protest against PM Benjamin Netanyahu

The war between Israel and Hamas is going on another level now. Recently, Israel has expressed dissatisfaction with the Netanyahu management of the Israel and Hamas crisis. Now people have started protesting regarding the war between Israel and Hamas. People are holding the banners in which there is a message written: “Bibi there is Blood on your hands.” Many other countries are concerned and worried about this war. Recently, the president of Gaza posted a video in which he said that do not go out of Gaza and stay in Gaza. The residents of Gaza are very angry right now because the president of Gaza is saying them to stay in Gaza but he is himself living in Qatar. Read the entire article to know more.


As of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, many people are showing their support for the hostages and their families which are currently part of the protest. People have expressed their feelings in which they have claimed that they are dissatisfied with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s management regarding the crisis. One of the protesters named Levy from Tel Aviv stated that he wanted Benjamin Netanyahu and all of his public to go back to their home just because they had abandoned residents of the South. Also, they are not interested in the lives of the public but they are mostly obsessed with small politics. Just because of him, many people are losing their lives.

Many people in the protest were shouting slogans. These people have written many slogans such as Leave, Go to Jail, Bibi. Some people have written Bibi there is blood on your hands, and some people are shouting the slogans return the hostages immediately, there is no trust, quit, and some people are shouting they have been abandoned.

Because of the attack by Hamas on the Re’im music festival, Monica Levy lost her cousin’s daughter whose name was Mapal Adam, and 260 other people died because of the attack at the Re’im Music festival. Monica is the person who survived a bus bombing accident in Tel Aviv in 1994 on bus line number 5. Currently, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israelis are preparing for a very long battle. This battle is not going to stop here. Israelis are going to over this war which was started by Hamas. Currently, they are just focused on the target which is to unite forces and charge forward to victory.

Prakash Israni
Prakash Israni

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