Glasgow gurdwara condemns Indian envoy’s denial of entry

Recently, a Sikh person has been spotted wearing a t-shirt that demands the release of Babbar Khalsa International terrorist Jagtar Singh Hawara. The Sikh radical in the reckless Glasgow act is a terrorist Hawara supporter. The person who has been captured wearing this t-shirt his name is Ranveer Singh. This picture is currently going viral on several social media pages. This photo has been shared by many users on Twitter (X). Now people want to know everything about this man and about the terrorist who has been arrested. So we have gathered a lot of information and have shared every single detail in this article. So read this article till the end.

Glasgow Gurdwara

As of now, the Glasgow Guru Granth Sahib Gurudwara has apologized to the High Commissioner of India, Vikram Doriaswami. This apology has been recently made as Vikram was stopped at entering the gurdwara in the UK. He was stopped by a pro-Khalistani as there is an allegation that India has some connection in the killing of a Khalitani terrorist in Canada. He was stopped for making an entry in Gurdwara on 29th September 2023, Friday. So as of this, the Glasgow Gurdwara has apologized to Vikram for this kind of behaviour by a pro-Khalistani. Continue reading.

The Glasgow Gurdwara committee has assured the High Commissioner that the three people were involved in the unsavory incident. Those three people were totally known to the community gurdwara on Albert Road in Glasgow. The community has made a request to the High Commissioner, Vikram Doriaswami to come again to the gurdwara and they are definitely going to take a look so that no one disturbs him while entering the gurdwara. Sources say that the public statement is going to be released tomorrow. The three people who are involved in which the identity of two people has been opened. The name of the two people are Ranveer Singh and Shamsher Singh, both of whom resides in London.

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Recently, Ranveer Singh was captured where he was located at a shooting practice range. In the picture, he was seen holding a rifle and he was also wearing a t-shirt in which he was demanding the release of Babbar Khalsa International terrorist Jagtar Singh Hawara. This terrorist was involved in the conspiracy to the 12th CM of Punjab, Beant Singh on 31st August 1995. This was one of the most horrific scenes of that time as Jagtar sent a human bomb at the scene.

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