The Gears of War 2 Writer Could Return in Gears 6

An internet article has fueled rumors that a Gears of War 2 writer may return for Gears of War 6. The Coalition, overseeing the Gears of War franchise since Microsoft purchased the Property from former developer Epic Games, will release Gears of War 6 as its most recent endeavor.

Gears 5, the preceding installment in the series, won plaudits for having the most in-depth Gears of War plot to date. It’s unexpected that the series took a small break after the game’s successful launch and that only post-launch support for Gears 5 was released. The long-rumored Gears Ultimate Collection, which might port the original trilogy to contemporary technology, has also gone unnoticed.

The Gears of War 2 Writer Could Return in Gears 6
The Gears of War 2 Writer Could Return in Gears 6

Author of Gears of War 2, Joshua Ortega, who made a return-related tweet on his personal Twitter account, is the source of the report. Ortega kept responding to people in the thread who were making predictions about a potential Gears of War sequel, stoking the fire on social media.

It might be a game-changing move for the franchise, which has lost many top game-making talents from the first games over the years. Because Rod Fergusson and Cliff Bleszinski have left the scene, bringing Ortega back may go a long way toward enhancing subsequent releases. It should be mentioned that Bleszinki has offered to rejoin the Gears of War series, albeit no reply has been given to his request.

You can also see a tweet the below:

If the reports are accurate, Ortega faces a challenging task. The Gears of War 5 conclusion was highly divisive and has ultimately forced The Coalition to make difficult decisions regarding one of its characters. It’s unclear which direction the authors will go in, but the supposed recent employment of Ortega raises the possibility that the game is still a ways off from being released.

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The Gears of War 2 Writer Could Return in Gears 6
The Gears of War 2 Writer Could Return in Gears 6

Fans may have begun to worry about the Gears of War franchise when the final game in the series was released in 2019. Although there are speculations that The Coalition has shelved two titles in favor of working on Gears of War 6, it appears as though things are finally moving at the studio.

Although the brand continues to be a core product for Microsoft as it expands its library of first-party games, reliable information on the game has been scarce. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Microsoft have The Coalition hire veteran talent and stick with what has worked in the past, given its troubles with other series like Halo. There are rumors that Gears of War 6 is being worked on.

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