FSSAI Orders Confectioners To Use Safe Ingredients For Festive Sales

In this article, we are going to talk about the FSSAI orders. It has been recently announced that from now the FSSAI orders confectioners to use safe ingredients for festive sales. In 2022, the food regulator 1,72,687 food samples out of which a total of 44,421 food samples were found for the non-conforming to the FSSAI standard. There is an idea for lowering the risk of food adulteration commonly found in sweets during the time of festivals. As this is the time of the festivals by looking at this the FSSAI has now directed sweet manufacturers so that it can follow FSSAI guidelines. Read this article to know everything that FSSAI has now claimed.


Now there is the biggest news that the Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has officially directed the sweet manufacturers to follow the guidelines of FSSAI. It has been said to follow good manufacturing practices and the purchase of some raw materials which includes khoya, paneer, and milk. This has been done from the licensed vendors in the FSSAI lists. The idea of FSSAI is to lower the risk of food adulteration which is mostly found in the sweets at the time of festivals. Continue reading this article.

As per the source, a total of 150 sweet manufacturers and associations attended the meeting which has been held at the FSSAI. It is directed all of them to ensure the safety and good quality of the edibles and some raw materials such as milk and its products. All the products have been more susceptible to adulteration and contamination because of the high demand. FSSAI officials aware of the matter have recently claimed that from now all the participants are sensitized to follow the great standard of hygiene in every tough time which is such as the manufacturer, distribution, storage, purchase to the consumer, and area of the sale.

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Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has also planned to conduct a country-wide surveillance on the milk and its products. It is planning the ascertain the adulteration in milk and its products. It has been claimed that the samples us going to be picked up from organized and unorganized sectors in the country. As per the data, in 2022, the food regulator 1,72,687 food samples out of which 44,421 food samples were totally non-conforming to the FSSAi standard. The health minister, Mansuk Mandaviya claimed that the FSSAI has now formed a team with the State authorities to crackdown on those who have indulged in malpractices and some food adulteration.

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