Fallout 5 Release Date News and Updates

The creation of Fallout 5 has been confirmed, albeit at this time it merely implies that work is being done on the game. Given that Bethesda has two complete games to release before it puts out a new Fallout game, the game is certainly a long way off from the release in whatever form it is now in.

Starfield is the first Bethesda game due out before Fallout 5, and fortunately, it won’t be long until that happens. The Elder Scrolls 6 comes after that, although it’s still a ways off. Depending on how these other projects progress, it’s likely that we won’t see Fallout 5 for a long time.

While we wait for additional information on Fallout 5, you can read up on what we know about it here. We will update this with new information when it becomes available.

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Fallout 5 Release Date and Platforms

The release date of Fallout 5 has not yet been officially announced, but there is much conjecture. Optimistic forecasts have been made, but considering Bethesda’s current concentration on Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, plus the fact that the game hasn’t even been revealed, we won’t be holding our breath for quite some time.

Presently, we anticipate Fallout 5’s release date to be far in the future, extending the record seven-year gap between Fallout 3 (2008) and Fallout 4’s release in 2013. (2015). The year 2025 or later seems more plausible now.

The development status of each game at Bethesda is a factor. Given that Todd Howard revealed in a November 2021 interview with IGN that the studio has a one-pager on Fallout 5 – a broad sketch of what they want it to be – we don’t expect to hear anything else about it for some time.

Furthermore, in June 2022, Howard announced that Fallout 5 would be Bethesda’s project after The Elder Scrolls 6, as reported by IGN. We anticipate a lengthy wait for the next Fallout, given the game is still in pre-production and its release is likely a few years away.

While the specific consoles and computers that will support Fallout 5 have yet to be announced, it’s safe to assume that the next installment in the series will be available on the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S. If we’re not looking at the next-generation of consoles by this point, that is. PlayStation 5 is a whole different story.

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It stands to reason that Microsoft and Bethesda would make this an exclusive release due to the former’s purchase of the latter. However, Xbox has stated that decisions about exclusive deals for the next Bethesda titles would be made on a case-by-case basis, so absolute certainty cannot be guaranteed. One would hope that Fallout 5 will be included in Xbox Game Pass at the very least.

There is a good chance that Fallout 5 will launch for these consoles before the introduction of the next-generation consoles, given that consoles have a lifespan of around seven years.

The Possible Setting and Location of Fallout 5

The Fallout series is known for its affection for a post-nuclear America. Thus far, every Fallout game has taken place in a different state in the United States, and it stands to reason that this won’t change. For instance, Fallout 3 took place in Washington, and Fallout 4 in Boston.

Even while it would be interesting for Fallout to visit new locations, doing so may potentially turn off players who have invested a lot of time into becoming familiar with the game’s established setting. It’s not hard to find Fallout 5 players speculating on the game’s setting.

According to the rumors, these are the most talked-about locations:

It’s New Orleans, the baby!

A trademark application for Fallout New Orleans was discovered online in 2016, sparking speculation that the next Fallout game might be based in the city. Over five years later, this listing hasn’t led anywhere, but it could all be a smart trap and switch.

We’ve been to swamps before in Fallout, but a game focused on the American South would be a refreshing change of pace.


In terms of plausibility, this one is a little further out there. Fans of Fallout: New Vegas will recall that there is a hint towards an Enclave base in Chicago, which has led to rumors about a game set in the Windy City.

Everywhere Else in the Globe

Can Fallout 5 finally break the mold and take place anywhere but in the United States? A game set in Korea, China, Russia, or any other country would be a great opportunity to experiment with a new visual style for the entire world. To give the franchise a new look, a new installment is a perfect chance.

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Will There Be Multiplayer in Fallout 5?

Play with others or in cooperative teams online

Each and every game in the official Fallout series has been a solo adventure. While the idea of exploring the post-apocalyptic wasteland with a group of pals was appealing to fans, the implementation of this idea in Fallout 76 was a failure.

Since the developers of Fallout 76 are continually working to improve the online multiplayer experience, it’s likely that Fallout 5 will be developed as a single-player game alone. Given the troubled past of 76, a ‘poor’ multiplayer experience in Fallout 5 is unlikely to be tolerated. As things stand, it looks like that’s something Bethesda would like not to happen.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of social elements. Social systems, such as those seen in games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, in which users leave notes for one another as a means of providing in-game hints (or trolling one another), are possible additions to the Fallout universe.

Fallout 5 Release Date News and Updates
Fallout 5 Release Date News and Updates

Fallout 5 News and Rumors

After the release of The Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 5 will be released.

Fallout 5 will follow The Elder Scrolls 6 as the next game from Bethesda, as confirmed by Todd Howard in an interview with IGN.

“Yes, Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production and, you know, we’re going to be doing Fallout 5 after that, so our slate’s pretty full going forward for a while,” Howard told the publication. “We have some other projects that we look at from time to time as well.”

There Has Been Some Progress at the Beginning of the Work

The development of Fallout 5 has begun, but fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. In an interview with IGN in November 2021, Bethesda studio director Todd Howard discussed the upcoming release of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition and mentioned that a one-pager design document was already in place for Fallout 5. This document serves as a very early blueprint for what the studio has planned for Fallout 5.

The design document is a one-pager, which means it is a high-level outline with minimal detail. Given that Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 will be released before Fallout 5, we probably won’t learn much about the game for some time.

In response to a question on the potential involvement of Obsidian, the team responsible for developing Fallout: New Vegas for the Xbox 360, Howard stated that they may have some role.

“We’ve worked with other people from time to time. I can’t say what’s gonna happen. If I could wave my hand and have [Fallout 5] out…you know, I’d like to find a way to accelerate what we do, but I can’t really say today or commit to anything, what’s going to happen when other than our cadence is Starfield then Elder Scrolls 6”.

The All-New Fallout 5 Engine

Bethesda has announced that the engine used to create Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 has been updated. We’re all aware that the game’s engine, Creation Engine, was clumsy at best. There were various animation problems, and the look and feel of the characters were odd.

Bethesda claims that both Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 are being built on their new engine, which they term Creation Engine 2. GamesRadar claims that the revamped engine features improved landscapes, a photogrammetry-driven lighting system, and new animations, shading, and rendering.

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After the 2021 announcement of the Microsoft acquisition, Todd Howard discussed the engine, saying

“it’s led to our largest engine overhaul since Oblivion, with all new technologies powering our first new IP in 25 years, Starfield, as well as The Elder Scrolls 6”.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Fallout 5 coming out?

In spite of the widespread rumors, the release date for Fallout 5 has not yet been officially announced. Even though the game hasn't even been unveiled, we don't have high hopes for its release anytime soon considering Bethesda's current concentration on Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6.

What state will Fallout 5 take place in?

Where, though, will the action of Fallout 5 take place? As the game's future setting involves hundreds of vaults dispersed across the United States in locations like West Virginia, Texas, and Colorado, there are a wide variety of potential locations for Fallout 5. In all likelihood, Fallout 5 will take place in the United States.


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