Extensive Gameplay Footage From the Special Edition of Rune Factory 3

Recently, a video titled Rune Factory 3 Special was uploaded, showcasing quite a bit of the upcoming farming action role-playing game. Despite the fact that Rune Factory 3 Special has not yet been released worldwide, this ten-minute feature gives players an idea of what Micah, the game’s protagonist, gets up to on a daily basis.

Lucky for them, a release date for Rune Factory 3 Special has already been set in Japan. The game will be released in Japan in March 2023, and fans may pre-order one of several gorgeous collector’s editions, each of which comes with its own set of exclusive physical and digital features. Unfortunately for fans outside of Japan, most of the game’s updates are only being released through the official Japanese channels. The player community, despite the language barrier, is likely nonetheless excited to see what modifications the developers have made in the remaster.

Extensive Gameplay Footage from the Special Edition of Rune Factory 3
Extensive Gameplay Footage from the Special Edition of Rune Factory 3

Recently, a video of Rune Factory 3 Special’s gameplay was uploaded to the official Japanese Marvelous channel on YouTube-

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The clip lasts about 10 minutes and shows Micah, the game’s protagonist, going about his normal day. The movie opens with the protagonist tending to their farm, where they collect crops, plant seeds, and care for tamable monsters from the Rune Factory series. They continue going about their day, conversing with villagers located throughout town, acquiring important materials, and exploring the numerous dungeons beyond their village.

Anyone curious about playing the next installment in the Rune Factory series can get a good idea of what to anticipate from the gameplay trailer. It features a quaint rural setting, a life simulation through forming bonds with locals, and a dungeon-crawling battle system. The video is in Japanese, but the features seem to be easily understood by those who are simply curious about the game. The move to the Nintendo Switch also appears to have received graphical enhancements, making the game look even more impressive.

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Both the preview of the Rune Factory 3 Special marriage prospects and this full-fledged gameplay trailer has done a great job of making the game look appealing. I am hoping that the official release date will be announced soon. Because the remaster is set to debut in Japan in a matter of weeks, fans there are presumably anticipating news of a worldwide release date in the near future.

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