Destiny 2 Needs More Melee Weapons

The First-person shooter game Destiny 2 is a well-known multiplayer online title created by Bungie. Ranged weapons are widely available in Destiny 2, with various primary, unique, and heavy armaments serving as the game’s major ammunition types.

The game, however, offers few alternatives for melee weaponry. It seems sensible that Destiny 2 would benefit from having more melee weapon types after the glaive hybrid weapon’s controversial launch and a year full of people hardly ever utilizing it.

Any shooting game needs melee weapons. They are a must-have. While only a few melee weapons are currently available in Destiny 2, such as swords and, to a lesser extent, glaives with their confusing combination of melee and ranged gameplay.

Other melee weapon varieties would give the game more types, which is crucial for the RPG playstyle customization in Destiny 2. By enabling users to employ a Heavy ammunition gun in exchange for a melee weapon in one of the other two slots, more melee weapons in Destiny 2 would encourage players to experiment with alternative weapon loadout configurations.

It Would Be Fun to Have More Melee Archetypes in Destiny 2

More melee weapons may also help players succeed in encounters where they are pinned down. In Destiny 2, players face off against overpowered champions like Overload Champions in intense close-quarters battles.

Destiny 2 Needs More Melee Weapons
Destiny 2 Needs More Melee Weapons

More melee might be used in these situations if Champions had access to a broader selection of melee weapons before the encounter began, especially if some could stun Champions wearing particular mods.

So far, Bungie has done a fantastic job adding interesting new boss fights and Exotic weapons to the game. However, Bungie may need to address its anti-melee boss-stomp design standard, and more types of close-range melee weaponry could be the answer.

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Most players welcome switching between ranged and melee tactics during enemy and boss encounters. Bungie is updating Strike encounters in Lightfall, so it’s not out of the question that similar tweaks could be implemented in future Destiny 2 DLC or sequels.

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How Daggers, Boomerangs, and More Might Help Destiny 2’s Sandbox

Dual daggers that strike rapidly with a multiple-hit light attack combination, have a more extended lunge range and quicken the user’s movement rate are a few new melee weapon concepts that could be used in Destiny 2’s Lightweight frame weapon archetype.

These daggers might also naturally increase players’ chances of dodging ranged assaults, making them a more specific option for Guardians that favor a mobile playstyle.

Destiny 2 Needs More Melee Weapons
                                             Destiny 2 Needs More Melee Weapons

Another intriguing melee notion is a bladed boomerang with a short light attack combo that can be launched utilizing the heavy attack at maximum gathered energy. The boomerang may hit multiple adversaries after being thrown, but it would always fly back to the player.

The Strand Hunter subclass in Lightfall has a new melee skill that restores melee energy if they catch the dart on its return. A fascinating mechanism for a boomerang-style returning melee weapon, which would instead earn ammo back, is that they gain back additional melee energy if they can catch it.

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Ultimately, it might be argued that Destiny 2 would benefit from having more melee weapon types, especially as glaives have struggled to gain traction in many players’ loadouts. The game has received excellent support from Bungie, who has provided frequent updates and fresh content that gives gamers new gameplay options.

As Bungie works to expand the Destiny universe and improve old and new systems, adding more melee weapons would be a simple additional step in the right direction. Currently, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and PC Series X/S are all supported by Destiny 2.

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