Ex-President Donald Trump reaped $100+ million through fraud: New York lawyer

Recently, a big statement has been made which has given a big shock to many people. A New York lawyer has recently claimed that Donald Trump has received a total of $100 million through fraud. And on that now Donald has attacked back on him. He attacked the New York attorney and the judge for overseeing his civil fraud trial which began on 2nd October 2023, Monday. The statement of the lawyer is currently trending and people are really shocked after listening to this statement. Now to know everything about this controversy of Donald Trump and New York lawyer read this article till the end.

Donald Trump

A New York lawyer has stated that former United States President Donald Trump has generated more than $100 million as he has lied about his real estate empire. And on that, the former US president has attacked the New York attorney general and the judge overseeing his civil fraud trial. Reports say that Attorney General Letitia James has seemed almost $250 million in terms of fines, as there is a permanent ban on Donald Trump and his sons Donald Jr. and Eric as they run their businesses in New York. And there is also a five-year commercial real estate ban against the Donald and the Trump Organization.

On Monday, the testimony in the Manhattan courtroom officially began because of the following statement with Donald Bender who is a partner at Mazars USA and also an accountant for Trump businesses as the first state witness. On Monday, Donald Trump claimed that the case was total a scam and a political vendetta by James. And at the time of the lunch break, he called the Democrat a corrupt person and a terrible person. Donald further said that this is a huge which should be disbarred. The judge is that should be now out of the office. Continue reading.

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According to James, he has now officially accused Donald Trump of materially overvaluing assets which include the Trump Tower penthouse apartment which is located in Manhattan, the Mar-a-Lago estate which is located in Florida, and some more office towers and gold clubs. And he also claimed that Donald had inflated his own fortune by $2.2 billion. It has been claimed by the lawyer from James’ office, that what Donald is doing is not a business but it is a sophisticated party deal. And the lawyer Donald is claiming that the Donal’s financials were entirely legal.

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