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Unfortunately, the next Dota 2 patch won’t be out until after the upcoming Lima Major competition, extending the wait time much further than it already was.

On March 6, the day after the Lima Major competition concludes, the next Dota 2 patch will be made public. Valve announced the date on their blog, promoting the impending Major as a possible answer to the criticism they’ve received in recent weeks for not releasing a major patch.

Since August 2022, when the last major patch was released, many Dota 2 players have been frustrated by the game’s lack of progress in recent months. Nonetheless, many players have griped about the absence of truly game-changing patches, with the updates over the last few years failing to alter the landscape or the game’s core gameplay elements.

Dota 2 Patch Release Date
Dota 2 Patch Release Date

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While major Dota 2 updates have become less regular in recent years, this has been one of the longest stretches without a patch in years, and the effect has been felt in the game’s player population. The average number of players online at once dropped to a new low in January, falling further than it had since the middle of 2021. I’m hoping the future patch will be enough to get people interested in the game again.

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Positively for Dota 2 fans, Valve has reduced the price of all Supporters Club packs by 75% until the end of the Major. This is a great opportunity to show your support for your favorite professional teams while saving money. The Major’s preliminary round of play begins on Wednesday, so this is timely.

Given the region’s dominance in The International 11 and the enthusiastic support of the local crowd, big hopes have been placed on the first Dota 2 Major to be held in South America. In spite of this, Tundra Esports, the defending TI winners, and the other teams that have gotten off to a good start in the 2023 season will give them a run for their money as they all aim to win the tournament and collect the majority of the $500,000 prize pool and the crucial DPC points.

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