Doona K-Drama Ending Explained

The recently released Korean drama series Doona has been trending on the OTT platform since it was released. Binge-watchers have added this K-drama series to their list. Viewers who have watched the series are taking over the internet and sharing their views on the series. However, Doona only received a positive response from the audience. The people who took to their social media handles to laud the makers of the series, have eventually increased the adrenaline among the fans and left them excited to watch the series. But some people do not have enough time to watch this hours-long series, for them, we have explained the ending of the series in the article. Also, we have talked about the star cast, release date, where to watch, and synopsis of the series. You are only required to go through this article till the end. It will take only a few minutes to read completely. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Doona K-Drama Ending Explained

Doona K-Drama Release Date

As mentioned, since this K-drama series was released or streamed on OTT, it has been the topic of the town. Fans have shown thumbs up to the story of the film. It has not been a long time since Doona was released but it has started showering its magic on the viewers. The pre-release buzz of the series was mammoth. Many were curiously waiting for the release of Doona. We are sure that fans watched it on the first day of its release but some could not watch due to their busy schedule. Reportedly, Doona’s official release date was Friday, October 20, 2023.

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Where to Watch Doona?

It is pertinent to talk about the OTT platform when we are talking about a streaming television series. Reportedly, Doona was released on Netflix, the official streaming platform to watch it. If you have not subscribed to Netflix, you will first need to go with a subscription plan before streaming Doona on Netflix. Doona was released on streaming giant Netflix on Friday, October 20, 2023.

K-Drama Doona’s Star Cast

This highly-rated K-Drama series features Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong in the lead roles. Actor Bae Suzy is featured in Doona as Lee Doona who is the main character of the series while Yang Se Jong is playing the character of Lee Won Jun. Talking about their characters, Bae Suzy’s character is the main vocalist of a girl group called Dream Sweet. But shockingly Lee Doona takes retirement from singing and starts living in a share house located in a college town.

Yang Se Jong’s character is an extraordinary student of the college. In the series, Lee Won Jun has nothing but a kind heart for everyone. He also provides a house for Doona to stay in. The other actors in the series are Shin Ha Young as Kim Jin Joo who is Won Jun’s school girlfriend, Kim Do Wan as Goo Jeong Hoon, Park Se Wan as Choi I-ra, Kim Sun Young as Doona’s mother, Kim Min Ho as Seo Yun Taek, Lee Jin Wook as Park In Wook, Kim Hyun Mok as Stalker, Go Ah Sung as a member of Dream Sweet, and Lee Yu Bi.

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Doona Story Ending Explained

At the end of the series, it is shown that Doona is working in Japan and Won Jun gets the job that he dreamt of and assists someone as part of his work. In the final scenes of the series, both of them get in one place but do not see each other. But Doona gets the instinct that he is there, at least she sensed his presence. It seems that they are dating each other in secret. There is no way they won’t give each other another chance. However, they realized that they would do anything to make their relationship work no matter what it cost.

Not to mention, Doona always has confidence, and Won Jun probably committed to it after he felt that he wanted Doona in his life at any cost. It is pertinent that a man who is dating would smile at a pretty-looking pastry that Doona would like. Although she did not skimp on sweets when she was off work, she enjoyed it and Won Jun knew about it. Seemingly that pastry spot would be their next date spot while working in Japan. Won and Doona must have a happy ending because Won Jun was just her free therapy, and she is a better person than that.

Doona Synopsis

The official synopsis of K-Drama shared by Netflix reads, “A college student, Won-jun, becomes roommates with Doo-na, a retired K-pop idol who leaves behind her glamorous days” The shooting of the series was started back in July 2022. The shooting of the series was wrapped on February 23, 2023. Bae Suzy also shared a picture saying the shooting had finished.

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