Saltburn Bathtub Scene Sparks Controversy, Netizens Are Giving Hilarious Reactions

Finally, the much-awaited and critically acclaimed movie “Saltburn” has been released on OTT which means more people will now watch the movie. But since the movie was released in theaters, it has been continuously making headlines and swirling around a controversy about its bathtub scene. Have you watched “Saltburn”? If not, you must have watched several TikTok videos based on the Saltburn bathtub scene. Currently, many people are showing great curiosity about the Saltburn bathtub scene controversy. Therefore, we have come up with this article to take a dig into this aspect and share some useful details about the film such as its OTT release date and platform. So stick with this page and continue reading this article.

Saltburn Bathtub Scene

Saltburn Bathtub Scene Sparks Controversy

As mentioned, since the film hit the big screens in theaters across the world on November 17, 2023, social media has been flooded with different reaction videos and images to its bathtub scene which has now become infamous on the internet. If you are still deprived of the movie and have not watched it, you must be getting curious to know what is in the film. TikTok has been flooded with short reaction clips to Saltburn’s bathtub scene that shows Oliver hopping in the bathtub after Felix’s hands-on escapades with himself in it.

Meanwhile, fans took to TikTok and shared their shocking, hilarious, and disagreeing reactions to the scene. One such user wrote The way I gagged”, another added, “Wait a damn minute, maybe I should have minded my business”, while a third said, “This is insane”. Nevertheless, actor Eloridi who essayed the role of aristocratic Oxford heartthrob Felix in the movie, also shared his reaction to this scene during a media round table. The actor confessed that he has not heard many opinions about the bathtub scene because he hides away from it. Elordi was in Brisbane when the film was released. He added, “Everybody was engaged and sort of gasping at the screen and yelling at the screen and everything like that. I haven’t been in a movie like that in a long time,”

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When Elordi first heard the script of the film he got curious about that explicit scene. He expressed his excitement toward the scene and added “I was just really excited when I read that scene because you don’t see things like that in sort of mainstream movies. it’s just great that everyone was allowed to kind of push those boundaries and expose people like that Oliver.” If you are still unversed in the infamous bathtub scene, then take a close look at the next section,

For those people who have missed this infamous bathtub scene of the film “Saltburn”, the bathtub scene shows Oliver sneaking into the bathroom and watching Felix masturbating while standing in the bathtub. Although this scene is pretty tame because mostly Eloridi’s back and flexing neck muscles can be seen. The camera does not pan down below his waist, but the way the scene ends has the whole of the internet buzzing. Keep reading this article.

When Felix Catton leaves the bathroom, Oliver Quick enters the bathtub, kneels to lick, and slurps up his newly acquired friend’s semen. However, this scene does not seem that scandalous to many people because it has produced a ton of hilarious TikTok reaction videos. Likewise, a video posted by a TikTok user whose account is available under the username @cholemoshoda has gained over 140,000 likes. The video shows two girls sitting in a theater enjoying popcorn while watching Saltburn until the bathtub scene comes up, and the two female friends freeze with shocked looks on their faces.

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As mentioned, actor Elordi admitted that he was very excited about the scene, he said “It was quite wonderful because in my life so far I’ve played pretty stiff characters. He further said referring to his Euphoria character, “I’m not very stiff myself, I’m quiet, loose, and floppy, so, it was nice to be able to play that part of myself, which comes a little easier than standing rigid in a high school hallway,” During an interview with Variety, Elordi said, “I was like, ‘Thank God, it’s mine.’ I was very proud. I was very proud to have Barry Keoghan guzzling it like that.”

There is no doubt in the fact that Saltburn is one of the most talked about and controversial films this year. However, the gay thriller film’s bathtub scene created a stir on social media, prompting TikTok users to create funny skits on it. Recently, the film also surfaced on an OTT platform where it has been trending since then. You can now enjoy Saltburn at your home via Amazon Prime Video. The was released in theaters on November 17, 2023. Stay tuned to this website.

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