Donald Trump Compares Himself To Nelson Mandela After Filing For New Hampshire Primary

The Former President of the US, Donald Trump is in the spotlight of its article. He has compared himself to Nelson Mandela after he filed for the New Hampshire primary. He has recently claimed that he is being targeted by the prosecutors because of political reasons. Since he has given this statement people in the entire world have started criticizing him and internet users have started trolling him on social media platforms. People are making fun and asking him what similarities he and Nelson Mandela have. Some of the people who believe in Mandela are very angry with the former president. Read this article till the end to know everything.

Donald Trump

If we look at the similarities between the former president of the US, Donald Trump, and Nelson Mandela. The anti-apartheid icon may be an unlikely contender as they think of a republican Leader but Donald Trump noted on 23rd October 2023, Monday. On this question, Trump has said that they both were on a mission to save the country. They both are the leaders and they both became the victim of federal and state prosecutors which is likely the ex-POTUS. He found themselves skating on the peak of incarceration. Continue reading.

The former president of the US, Donald Trump told an amped-up crowd of supporters at the sports complex in Derry. He said that he would not mind being Nelson Mandela because he was doing it for a reason. He further added that they both are on a mission to save their country from the fascists and the lunatics that they are dealing with. Those people are completely horrible and they are destroying the entire county. He said this after the republican leader filed his resignation for the New Hampshire presidential primary. Scroll down to learn more.

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Most of the time Donald Trump profane the address which is focused on the many wanted criminals and civil cases which are against him, it also includes the diatribe against the current president of the US, Joe Biden. Trump has suggested that at one point he will go to jail exactly like the former South African president who lived for 27 years behind bars as he opposed South Africa’s apartheid system. Later he was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Currently, Trump is facing a total of four criminal indictments as the civil trials have spanned the allegations that he inflated his worth and misclassified the payments to women at the time of his campaign in 2016.

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