Israel Prepares For Ground Entry Says PM Benjamin Netanyahu

The war situation between Israel and Hamas has escalated. Recently, the Israeli Prime Minister said they are preparing for a ground entry. The statement given by Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu reads, “When we enter Gaza, in the continuation of the fighting, we will collect the full price from the murderers – the perpetrators of the horrific atrocities of Hamas-ISIS. I call once again to the non-involved population in Gaza – evacuate to the south of the Gaza Strip.” However, the president of the United States, Joe Biden opposed the Israeli PM for retaliatory attacks on Palestine by the Israeli Army in the West Bank after the Hamas Group attacked Israel on October 7, 2023. It seems the situation has escalated to an extent as Israel is now preparing for a ground entry in Gaza. Kindly delve deep into the details and find out more details.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel Prepares For Ground Entry Says PM Netanyahu

While opposing Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Joe Biden said that Israel has to stop and they have to be held accountable for the killing of civilians in Gaza. When the conference started on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, in which Australian PM Anthony Albanese was honored with a state visit to Washington, Biden said, “It has to stop. They have to be held accountable. It has to stop now”

Some countries have considered Hamas a terrorist organization, therefore the designation of Hamas group depends on Palestine and its official stance. The US presented a draft resolution on Saturday amid escalating international concern about the rising number of civilian casualties and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza. On Thursday, Israel’s Army Radio reported that Israeli ground forces carried out a relatively large incursion into Gaza overnight to attack the base of Hamas militants. To note, this incursion was much bigger than the previously conducted during the Gaza war.

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The Defence Secretary of the US, Lloyd Austin spoke with the Defense Minister of Israel to discuss the requirement to facilitate humanitarian assistance in the Gaza Strip to protect the civilians. Lloyd Austin wrote on X, “Today I spoke with Israeli Minister of Defense Gallant. We discussed the need to facilitate humanitarian aid into Gaza and to ensure the protection of civilians. I expressed the US commitment to deterring escalation and our hope for the release of the remaining hostages,” Meanwhile, the Israeli PM said they are preparing for a ground war in Gaza.

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