Developers Want to Port the Show to Xbox

The game studio behind the long-discussed Postal series, Running With Scissors, has announced a request for Microsoft to add Postal on the Xbox gaming platform. Following a successful effort to get the series platformed on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and 5, the firm published the tweet.

The Postal series continues to amuse enthusiasts with its dismal take on life and gory, off-color antics, despite reservations from non-fans about some of its more obscene content and an unpopular third release (Postal 3).

Developers Want to Port the Show to Xbox
Developers Want to Port the Show to Xbox

For instance, in the Postal 4: No Regrets video, numerous adversaries and non-player characters are seen getting wiped out by shotguns, chainsaws, weaponized cats, parking lots full of exploding cars, and other weapons. The series is noted for using exaggerated cultural and political stereotypes as recurrent plot lines in addition to its full embrace of dark comedy.

Running With Scissors created a custom image showcasing The Postal Dude clutching a petition that fans will recall from the Postal 4: No Regrets town bidet quest to welcome the Postal series onto the Xbox platform.

The graphic asks, “Hi there @xbox, would you please sign this petition?” it has all but two signatures. Edensin is the backdrop against which The Postal Dude stands in Postal 4’s major scene.

Running With Scissors requests support from gamers who share its dream of Postal appearing on Xbox by posing the following question: “If you want the POSTAL games on Xbox, tweet with #POSTALonXbox!”  On the actual poster, the hashtag is displayed in green, along with the uplifting text “Only you can make a difference (Maybe).”

You can also see a Tweet:

Fans are generally responding favorably in the comments. The tweet has already received over 500 retweets, many of which include comments from followers expressing their joy. Fans may want it, but Microsoft may be hesitant because of the Postal series’ contentious history.

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It has its fair share of business problems (players encountering Xbox Live disruptions, disputes with Sony over the acquisition of Blizzard Activision King, worries about specifications compared to the PS5, etc.).

It should proceed with caution when forming any new alliances or joint ventures. Platforming the Postal series could turn off skeptical Xbox users who oppose raw wanton brutality.

Developers Want to Port the Show to Xbox
Developers Want to Port the Show to Xbox

The petition started by The Postal Man might succeed, though. Similar graphic titles like Gears of War 5, Doom, and the notoriously brutal Mortal Kombat 11 and its siblings have stirred up controversy in the gaming world but have found a happy home on the Xbox platform.

Postal 4: No Regrets is currently being ported to the PlayStation 4 and 5, even though other game publishers wouldn’t dare to host such carnage. If Running With Scissors and its ardent supporters have their way, the Postal series will soon have an Xbox version.

Postal 4: No Regrets is now playable on the PC and will be released on the PlayStation 4 and 5 in March 2023.

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