Destiny 2 Lightfall Resilience Gets a Hit

In the Lightfall addition that will be released next month, there will be a significant revamp of Destiny 2’s mod system. As a part of those improvements, Resilience will receive a minor balance adjustment.

Enhancing this stat, which functions essentially as an additional layer of armor for your Guardian, can provide your construct with an additional 40% of damage resistance.

In light of the studio’s explanation that these modifications would see the investment curve altered such that they give tremendous value even at lower levels, Bungie aims to set the cap for Resilience at 30% beginning with Lightfall.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall Resilience Gets a Hit

We have made some adjustments to the curve. However, we have also made the progression smoother, which means that even at lower tiers, you will get more value from Resilience without the feeling that you have to max out at tier 10 to get a benefit.

At the very highest level, tier 10 Resilience will provide a 30% reduction in damage dealt by combatants Rodney Thompson, who was in charge of design, explained it to PC Gamer.

After the release of Lightfall, Resilience will continue to be a significant stat to consider in Destiny 2 due to the fact that a damage reduction of 30% is still preferable to having no damage reduction at all.

It is also possible to boost survivability by equipping the appropriate exotics, and as Lightfall will be bringing custom Loadouts as well as a rethought strategy for seasonal artifact mods, it won’t be too difficult to have the appropriate equipment for any given circumstance.

Destiny 2 Lightfall
Destiny 2 Lightfall

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Frequently asked questions

How much resilience should you have Destiny 2? Generally speaking though 60 to 70 resilience and recovery is enough to survive most things that may kill someone with less and give you a decent recovery time.

How much resilience do you need to have in order to succeed in Destiny 2?
If you have a resilience and recovery score between 60 and 70, you should be able to withstand most situations that would kill someone with a lower score and have a respectable amount of time to recover afterward.

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Does resilience matter in Destiny 2 Hunter?

You should strive to have a decent deal of discipline as well as resilience in your character. It depends on how you've built yourself and what your goals are. Strength, self-control, and intellectual prowess can each be beneficial in their own unique ways. If you can, raise your resilience up to the 50-60 range; anything over that is a waste of time.



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