Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date: When Will It Be Available in League of Legends?

Finally, the all-new Star Forger from League of Legends is coming, and players can get their hands on it when the revamped champion enters the Summoners Rift. Aurelion Sol is one of those visually arresting League of Legends champions since he is a striking Celestial Dragon.

He helped build the Runeterra universe but felt compelled to care for it. He now desires to destroy that realm in light of the game’s narrative because it is the same thing to blame for this champion’s detention.

Regarding playability, Aurelion Sol’s present iteration is far from perfect. His gameplay element was first novel but mainly utilitarian. Because of his restricted stun and damage range, he was difficult to control.

Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date
                                         Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date

To improve the champion and make it more approachable for both seasoned players and newbies, Riot Games went back to the design board.

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League of Legends Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date

LoL players will be able to obtain Aurelion Sol in all of its splendor on February 8, 2023, as the revamped champion is set to debut in Patch 13.3. The Star Forger skins have also been altered to reflect his new appearance.

One of the eagerly awaited reworks has been finished by Riot Games. The three whirling stars the cosmic dragon had owned no longer bind him as he moves across the Rift.

But his cosmic meteors, which will reverberate all over the battlefield, will be the threat that the players must be most concerned about.

Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date
Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date

The League of Legends PBE Has The New Aurelion Sol

On February 1, 2023, Aurelion Sol appeared on the PBE client, giving League of Legends players his presence and new skill sets. Although the character was first introduced in 2016, his updated kit has given him the strength he has been missing since his debut.

Before the change, the champion had difficulty in both casual and competitive play coping with a number of the metas. As a result, Riot Games gave him a redesign appropriate for a heavenly king, restoring his viability in the current meta.

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The Star Forger has undergone significant alterations, including a new set of skills and several hidden Easter eggs in his latest appearance.

The cosmic dragon has finally unofficially appeared for all League players on the Pre Beta Environment after being initially delayed due to “tech problems.” Now that they’ve seen Aurelion Sol in his new garb, they’re free to put him to the test.

Also, Star Forger’s new skin should soon be shown, as Riot stated that the character would get a new look in 2023. While they wait for the champion to appear in Patch 13.3, players can amuse themselves by looking for Easter eggs hidden in the new VFX.

When cast, the new ultimate from Aurelion Sol (The Skies Descend) shows a furious Lee Sin as the Star Forger is wearing his Storm Dragon skin.

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